Monday, 30 November 2009


A small wave that started far away from the shore,gathered strenght and became monstrous hitting the shore. without any emotions displayed, Sheela sat watching this as more and more waves followed.
Far away, she could hear laughter, chat, chirping birds and the occasional splashing of water.Nothing effected her already disturbed mind,she sat- thinking the same question.
"Is this the end?"
Her heart still could not believe this was happening to her.All her dreams with him, together as a pair were shattered over and again, by him.No, he never abused her physically but all that mental torture, the hurting words, the yelling was over the limit.She tried all she could to please him and be as calm as possible, thinking he would change, eventually see the light and all will be happier.
Till yesterday when she got an sms from him while she was away at a project lunch from office.He yelled at her with all kinds of swear words saying he never wanted to see her face again, just because she could not receive his call on time.This was not the first time, but a routine to her. but this time she did exactly what he asked for and what she should have done much earlier.She just calmly took half a day off, went home before he did,packed all the stuff she never wanted to see again(there wasn't much anyway),called a courier and sent the stuff away and left the house, but not before calling a locksmith and changing all the locks to the house.. her house.
As she remembered the last part, she smiled at herself, a sad smile but worth giving it back to him.
Taking a flight to Goa with 10 days off work, not before instructing her friends in office to stay quite about this was not too hard.. Like the wave getting strong and hitting the shore , she stood up boldly and walked back to her hotel, her steps getting stronger each time towards a brighter future.

And that ends the blog Marathon!!
Thank you Vittal, Swaram,Nancy, Avi, Shwetz,Sash Bhai, Ajai, Vyoma and Aj for reading , commenting and being a part!Sorry if I have missed anyone in the team.
I will be taking a break.So till next time..

Sunday, 29 November 2009


They made a big news..
media coverage, newspapers splashed with the same story.
Connex gone and Metro s in.
Happily climbing the train,I saw nothing s changed. Just the disply read " this is metro" instead "welcome to connex" what the!! :/

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Blank- Mindless chatter!

Right here, Right now..
Absolutely blank..
To a chatterbox like me, blanking off is definitely off the cards.
Well, Have to see what I ll come up with tomorrow.
By the way, It is quite hard to imagine I am at the end of the blog marathon , minus 2 days..and now I am BLANK!! :(
This reminds me of the time, during my university course, when we had a jury( when I say jury, it is a viva where we present our design projects to lecturers or external people who are called 'jurors' :/
Already with the scary sounding viva, Someone had to present the whole project by itself, which I had no problem with as someone had to do it.
All went well, but the moment I came to talk about my work itself, I was tongue tied.
No words came, Nothing!
I stared at my work sheets pinned up, stared real hard, But no! I could not for heaven's sake remember what was to be told! Fortunately, the jurors understood as I tried to stop a tear rolling down my cheeks.
They asked me to relax, go out for sometime and I was allowed to give my jury at the end.
All went well in the end, But still makes me wonder why did I go blank?
did this happen to you?

Friday, 27 November 2009

A slice from last evening!

So we were coming back from work together.
While at a traffic signal, we notice a car standing on the green patch between the road and foot path.So "Know- it- all" Aj and "I-think- I- Know-too"me stare at the beauty and elegance :) as I call it..of the car.
Aj/KIA: did you see that?
me/ITIKT: ya,its a Mazda 6, isint it?
(At this point, we had to move a bit ahead in traffic, so we could not read the model name clearly, but I could see the curvy chrome lettering faintly.
KIA: no,It not.Its Mazda 3.
ITIKT: of course not silly, cant you see the curve of the "6" written.
KIA (a bit irritated now) : read it properly then, what do you think it is?
ITIKT: S-I-X.6!!!
The traffic light turned green and as we started moving
KIA: wanna bet?
ITIKT: Sure(check out my guts)
KIA:ok- drove across the road, pulled the car in a parking lot and we walked back towards the traffic light to cross the road and see the car.
At this point,I was laughing at my madness and people in other cars started giving me startled looks.
ITIKT:Check out my guts, I still think I am gonna win.
KIA: ya, sure...(must have rolled his eyes mentally!)
Suddenly we see that car moving towards us and as it passed us, Both of us turned to read..
And it read MAZDA 3!!
Bloody hell!!(pardon me swearing!!)
So I-think- I-Know-too have become I-Should-Speak-Only -When-I-am- doubly-sure, 20 dollars poor [:(]
and a little more wiser with Betting!! :P

Thursday, 26 November 2009

And the rest 4...

8 things I love about winter
Hmmm, I am not really a winter fan, but every winter, I am just getting more and more used to it.
1) Hmmmm, Snow, of course.. Not that it snows here niether do I want that to happen, But going to a snow peak and spending a day is something very enchanting.
2) Not having to worry about what shirt I wear, cause I never take off my coat.
3) Which brings to the third point, Coats, scarfs, sweaters and the cute winter wear.. Just brings a whole new perspective in your wardrobe and a nice hole in your pocket if you arent careful ;)
4) Hmmm, hot soups which I have instead of coffee/ tea and the different flvours you get in the market is slurp! yummy!!
5) getting warm in front of the pathetic looking, but effective heater and fighting with Aj for the best position in front of it.
6)Looking at colourful umbrellas all across the street as people try to keep themselves dry. Trust me, it is a beautiful picture from my office!
7) Humming all the winter cheesy songs like "zara zara ...(sardi ki ratoon me ..;) )and driving aj nuts :P
8) Of course, saying "ufff, I am frozen" "Are we done with winter?not yet...!!!" over and over again and irritating people ;P

8 things on my wishlist

I have written a few here. Guess it still holds good.
Plus I want a calorie (guilt) free chocolate which should taste like real chocolate(no compramise here ).
Also I wish Child porn and child abuse vanishes from earth..It is truly disgusting!!
Lastly..(*mumble jumble..) secret wish done!
so there.... :P

8 things I am passionate about

1)Life in general, I hate to be layed back about anything.
2)Panipuri,I once ate 8 plates :P , that s my biggest achievement in this feild till date.
3) Water theme parks ;)
5)exploring nature and its various forms..- ocean, waterfalls, forests and all similar wonderful things out there
7)Winning ( I am a bad looser as in I dont take failure in a good manner.)
8)Most important, My family

8 words or phrases I use often
2)Tadaaaan (* at this point, I will jump out from hiding either wearing that new dress or even a different hairdo is enough to do this, But I do this only to Aj and my close friends..)
4)Oh my god!
5)eeeewwww, thats GROSS!
6) Hurr, Hurr (my way of chasing people who pester me! ;) )
7) Some 'random' x,y,z,!!!
8) rascalaaaaa
P.S. My phrases keep changing every season , so its hard to contain everything here :D

8 things I learnt from the past
1. Take your decision, but stick to it and accept all consequnces.
2. Never interrupt anyone while talking,Listen.. then speak
3. Life takes its own course, earlier realised.. better!
4. The sweetness of cheap stuff dies when the bitterness of poor quality comes in and that hanges around forever.
5. Wherever I go/live.. 'My home' is always back home in India. (I can never say 'ok, I ll leave for home ' everyday leaving from work.But I say that if I am 'going home')
6. I need to write down things and it just brings more clarity onto the tasks
7. Never rely on anyone,Try to be as independent as possible.
8. Crying & talking to someone always helps and lessens the burden.

8 places I would love to go, visit or see
1.New zealand
4.Hampi(have been there thrice, But I love the place)

8 things I currently need or want
1.Start a diet
2.Clean my wardrobe
3.Learn photoshop
4.A nice head massage job :)(quite scarey situation with all the low business thing going on)
6.Sleep less ( I am a big sleepy head, so reducing that will make life more beautiful )
8.A big hit of luck!

I dont know how I managed through this, But..
For now.. all s good and Anyone who wants to do this tag either here or on thier blogs are more than Welcome!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

four on eight!

Just on time, when I was getting a bit saturated .. Nancy here has tagged me!
To write 8 things on each topic is quite an effort, But I shall try my best..
here it comes :

8 TV shows I like to watch: (not in any particular order)
I should say 8 TV shows we jointly agree to watch ...
1.Two and half men
3.Any good documentary on SBS channel.
4.World news Australia
6.Better homes and gardens
7.Any animation movie played on TV, ANY!!
8.I think I don't have a 8 the fav. show... Basically TV here sucks!! :( so these are the only ones qualified to be 'watchable.

8 favourite places to eat
again I am impartial to all these- love them all equally
1.Of,course home 1- love my granny's meals anytime.
2. home 2- whatever my Mother in law cooks especially chicken!
3.home 3 - love aj's lamb curry and sausage scrambles! slurp!!
4.Namaskar India (our regular hang-out place) love the food and prices ;)
5.Nandos - espeically the quarter chicken meals.. yumm!!
6.Nandini in Bangalore (loved the banana leaf meals)
7.Dollops in Manipal.. The countless times we ate here as students running away from mess food- thier veg steam rice is a master peice.
8.Pabbas in Mangalore - the best ice cream parlour ever. If you ever go to Mangalore and dont eat ice-cream at Pabbas, your trip is incomplete..*can I hear all mangaloreans say YES!

8 things I look forward to
1. Going to India and meeting everyone I love without a time bomb ticking away which means I have only limited time for each one! :(
2. Christmas break - no vacations planned this time, But all I want to do is relax .
3. Reading Dan brown 's latest book
4. Baking/ experiments with baking
5. Loosing weight, Should say more weight
6. Regular work out to ensure point 5 happens
7. Long, nice beautiful nails. ;)
8. Finishing my deadlines in office well before Christmas break or else I ll end up thinking about it all time.

8 things that happened yesterday
1. I got the 8.04 train, though I reached the station late because the train was running late..huhuuuuu!
2. My dearest friend A called from India and we spoke after really really long time
3. Laughed at the antics of a 6 year old sitting in front of me in the train ans she enjoying the attention, did more of it! :P
4. The day began with chilly weather and ended with scorching heat! :( damn, I had to carry my coat back in the bag, making it look like I was carrying a small animal :/
5. 6 of us had a major discussion via phone and e-mails to go bowling tomorrow. (yay!)
6. went to the gym for aerobics class and was surprised to see that the instructor was a substitute and she is a colleague's friend - we had earlier met at office parties, so I worked extra hard ! :P
7. I got a reminder from the electricity company about a un-paid bill which I have already paid! :(
8. Aj got a call and I was surprised to see him talking for so long, As i could not figure out who it was.Later found it was a survey about state schools!!
er... WHAT! we have not attended school here neither know someone so close who does! :D

This was real hard! more to come later..Cannot finish the tag at one go..

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Question and Answer - A quick bite

Question: What happens when Swathy makes an effort of making a less oil, low calorie lunch version of lemon rice & curd rice for herself before adding nuts and tadka for Aj's lunch because he believes in "dignity of food**" ?

Answer: After so much care taken, Swathy opens her lunch box hungrily in the lunch break to see cashews and groundnuts with a aroma of tadka oil wafting in her lemon & curd rice and almost faints! :/

The stupid boxes got exchanged!!

Result : 2 hungry/ angry people! :/ ;)

** for the un-jaan and un-known, dignity of food is an act where a particular food should be cooked the way it is supposed to be with due respect to not alter it into a modified low fat/ low calorie version. In simple words,keep it as original - oil,nuts and any fatty ,high calorie stuff included where required.

Monday, 23 November 2009

All for a good deed ...

Back in school days, I remember having a book where we wrote down - "a good deed" or lets say we were supposed to write a good deed. ( I am sure you remember this Vittal :D )
Now when I think of it, I guess it was to encourage us to do a random act of kindness or at least do some effort to be good being completely aware of it.
When I joined this school in std 5, I -like other s in my class got the impression that the book was supposed to have a list of different good things and no 2 days should be similar.(now I wonder, who the hell put that idea into our heads). From the nerds to the morons everyone had a set thumb rule regarding this.
So the beginning of the academic year saw a real conscious act like
" I helped my mother wash dishes "
" I polished my brother s shoes"
" I took the dog for a walk"
or " I helped dad wash his bike"

Now slowly after a few weeks, there will be a mixture of fact and fiction.
remember our stupid thumb rule? Now, how many varieties of real good deed can a child below 10 years of age do, that too in a world where computers, mobile phones and Internet were as far off as going to Alaska for most of us now.I imagine the kids today may write a " I helped my grand ma open a GMail account" or " I watered my friends virtual farm in Facebook!! "haha...

Anyway, back to where I stopped about us, we ended up with a 'mixed- feeling' good deeds in the lines of -
" I picked fruits from our garden" which leaves a series of question if the child in question lives in a apartment unit on the 3rd floor and the whole class knows it ;)
So in this statement may be the kid's mum had left a bag of fruits in the common garden area @ ground level and the child picked it up for her.. quite possible, eh?
Giving the benefit of doubt, lets move on.

then the stereotype " I helped my grandma find her specs" might cause a bit of doubt when you have already heard the story about her being in the US with uncle 'so and so' a hundred times , So may be the 'helping-grandma' bit was done 2 months earlier when she was actually around!hehe.. late confessions of a good deed!!
Soon some of us forget to write the deeds even though we are really good children and the book just travels to and fro from home along with us.
But the real f(p)un starts when it is nearing to half the term, means along with mid term exams, sometimes the teacher will check the deeds book.
Now there is a mad rush to fill it with deeds, sorry GOOD deeds! now the tiny minds and their imagination have no boundaries!

" I plucked apples from the garden" ( sure, please let us know how you manage to go to Coorg everyday, travelling 4 hours one way, cause that s the nearest place to Mangalore where one can grow apples in the garden and then pluck them! )


" I saved our cow from a snake " sounds errr more like a story worth a bravery award!

All started in a honest way, can go to these extremes if one does not ensure the person/child knows the thought behind it.
It was definitely done very innocently and I am not sure if it should be held against us.I mean,we would have done a good thing repeatedly everyday, It is just we thought it should be a "special" one each day and came up with stories in the end! :)

All for a 'good-deed'!!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Night patrol!! ;)

With few more days left for the end of the month, My posts are getting to read more like a diary and less like a blog. May be this was not a very good idea after all!

But with the challenge finished I am going to miss all the heights of silliness I reached trying to find a good topic to write about.
Like last night, we had been to the CBD and with Aj looking as cranky as possible about the rains, I was happily looking around for a good click with the camera.
Now I have been to the CBD a all un-earthy times as there could be possible, but have never attempted to capture anything with the camera till date. Until last night and I caught these glimpses.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Just a thought..

Thanks for all your prayers and wishes, It really helped.
He is doing much better now and health is improving!

Have you ever had situations where you feel so helpless and lost, that you just decide nature will take its course and time will heal things to the best!
Cause I have experienced that in a number of instances.
Simple ones like not joining a job i got in campus interview because my parents did not want me to move to delhi, I was angry, sad and disappointed as 3 of my friends did go.
However,I got a job in Bangalore, joined the job and now if I turn back and look, Life could not have been better for a fresh graduate with all the work exposure, wonderful team mates and some of them now friends for life.
It s been 4 years since I joined that place and almost 3 since I left, But I still feel, with the turn of events...
All that happened was /is for some good.
It is for us to find what to relish / to learn from the bitter parts if any.

Friday, 20 November 2009

no more.. no less.... just 55 words!!

Kicking an unconscious Manu again,Sanjay started looking for the money,It had to there.where could a bundle disappear?
He looked everywhere he could think, No use...
Deep under the carpet, below the floor board, a few scurrying mice see something green and edible,slowly they reach it and a tiny noice - chomp chomp!


'Should I?'- She asks herself again. 'Oh, this torture, cannot take it anymore ' a tiny voice says.She puts her head down, as though she cannot bear to hear it any longer.
Moments later, happily eating a double mocha chocolate icecream, the red highlighted words of warning from the dietitian s letter seems to mock her.


P.S: did I sound very criminal? hehe, I am experimenting on every possible thing to write :)By the time, the month's gone.. I would have licked clean many a sane brains - so my inner voice s shouting.Also I am desperatly trying to make a fifty five words note of this.Yipppeee, I made it!!

Thursday, 19 November 2009


Staying calm and focused
she did, once for all
raised to be brave
as need, she thought

close to her, he was not
neither were they friends
but her heart could not bear
the trouble , no doubt

the series of pain
running through him
his face , a deep crimson
his body frail and limp

she wished to hold his hand
gave a smile, some hope
a little prayer , that s all
for him, she told

P.S: some things are not in our control, But I truly believe that well wishes and a little positive vibe helps a lot.All my blog dosts, I too want a little prayer from you for someone one you many not know.
It will make a difference, so that is all I ask.
(No more questions please, wont be able to tell:) )Nothing to worry,chill-pill..

Wednesday, 18 November 2009


A girl sitting braiding her hair,probably a school girl. She opens her bag and out comes a big cosmetic bag.she continues with her work as though she doe sent care who does.
This guy looking new,confused glances, looks around for directions.Soon he look re-assured and decides to relax.Phew!!Probably new here....
The lady with a red bag, probably in her early sixties fumbles with her coins and drops one of them.
Instantly comes in picture , the bearded man with a brief case who picks it up for her as she mumbles a "thank you".
Walks a mum with a pram, her toddler who seems like she s already tired just sitting in the boring thing. All she wants is get out,but mum s too busy balancing a bag, the pram and of course the little one.
And I sit watching all these people, totally jobless as we all wait for the tram.
Another useless post, well.. it is better than not writing anything.

P.S: I have this friend V who s recently started reading my blog. :)
Thanks for the encouragement and Welcome officially! :)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


My close friend Sm & me have 3 things in common we loved, atleast during my graduation days when we met as classmates in B.Arch.
Well, They were ( in order of pertinence) :
Harry Potter ( Books & movies) F.R.I.E.N.D.S and
Saurav Ganguly! ( dont ask me why and how, But we were in our teens then, uhhhhh.. almost ;) )

We would watch HP movies countless times, Bunk our training (I ll explain later in detail) to watch F.R.I.E.N.D.S and risk our reputation by racing to the staff library when our darling was on the ground to ask the scores..
I was not really known to be sober, but for Sm to do that was a matter of jumping out of her whole character and being a oxymoron of herself! :)
But I still remember the time when I met F.R.I.E.N.D.S!
We have a semester of professional training and we both decided to do it in the same office.Since Sm 's originally Bangalore and her parents were away at that time, We were allowed to stay at her place and another friend Ch joined us. Now she got us all watching friends (ya, I am tired of writing it as it actually is, Please bear with me) and i remember the first episode while she explained the story and I actually was yawning throughout the episode and finally fell asleep. Hmmm, but soon the day came when Sm and me managed to call sick from training, just to watch what happens with Ross and Rachel :D
Why I remembered this today? I was watching an episode sitting all alone yesterday since Aj s away on work and remembered all those wonderful time we had back in college!
ah, the bliss..:)
This is one of our favourite episodes....Enjoy!!

Monday, 16 November 2009


Just a picture.. that s it!


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Secret Tag

I am not sure I am have too many secrets about me.
Even If I do, They are a BIG SECRET!! (Ha,ha Kidding)
1) During my School days, after say std 5, I have never written notes( you know the ones with Q & A) for any subject except Mathematics of course.
I believed that one needs to know more than what s in those questions and answers,So i used to study just from the text books and every answer coming on the answer sheets would be well, On -the -spot.
Helped the creative juices flow ;) but sometimes would be quite a disaster. :)

2) Regarding the same one, I think most of my teachers knew about me not writing any notes, But well, I think they would ignore this trait as I was not doing all that bad in Exams anyway and I could answer any twisted question from the text book, so why complain ?

3) Though I haven't given any formal exam, I have learnt Carnatic music for 8 years. Me along with my mum who used to learn it with me, have sung in quite a few programs and cultural functions. Sad thing is I am out of touch and as I told , Have not formal certificate for this.

4) Even though, I literally quiver like an arrow while facing a crowd or audience, I somehow overcame the stage -fear factor with real efforts and I am quite proud of it!! (now-a days people like me have no modesty- are you saying? well, What to do... sigh!! ;) )

5) I plan every single thing like I have a mental diary. It s another thing whether I follow it word by word, But my mind constantly churns out time table for me!

6) Inspite of being a very talkative person with a very active social life all my life, Still I am known to be a very reserved, silent and a quite person in my work place. I open my mouth only in front of certain people and never speak unless really necessary.
(I shall soon know if by any chance someone reads this from office. )

That s all folks!
Good night and I wont tag anyone , but you are most welcome to take the tag. But do let me know if you have any secrets to go public .Write atleast one in the comment box, will you???

Saturday, 14 November 2009

see the sea and you shall see!

After successive hot days, today was no different. Here, everyone hits the beach during these heat waves and after all our weekend chores , we went down to Aj's favourite beach just before sunset.

The sea always have the same effect on me - calm and serene even amidst all that chaos. Back home,my parents house is just a stone s throw from the beach and luckily for me, We live in the Island country and in a city with beautiful beaches. Still, Every time I walk on the sand, It is a different experience. And I can never finish without soaking my foot in the warm and cold salty spray from the sea waves.The never tiring waves, the vast stretch of water and the ever lasting sand always , for me -seems to last forever .

Friday, 13 November 2009

changed and the un-changed

We all believe and agree we are in the modern age.Along with technology, we have also advanced , if not have lots of things that has changed in and around us.This huge world has shrunk to become a "global village" with greater advancements in technology.
Sometimes, As I run about, doing my routine,I stop to wonder how things have changed over time in me. From Dosas and Idli platter that I fed on almost everyday, we have changed to "whole grain" toast with "fat free spreads" for most breakfasts, Not just because I am quite inefficient in waking up any early than 6.30,but also because they are healthy , easily bought and we don't mind eating it.This is just an instance how the day's beginning has changed.
Our clothes, fashion sense, methods of going about a problem,living style are some other things influenced by modern times.
However, I still pray , religiously follow all rituals and festivals to my best ability, which again most of us do.A link to what has been learnt by us from our past.Most time we do this sensibly , but some times, we tend to believe in things that could sound just so unreasonable, yet we follow.
Like for Instance, I never accept anything with my left hand from anyone.
Even if I am hanging on to the holding rail in a crazy roller coaster ride(hypothetically) and some one from the left corner in the back seat offers me something, I will still do some stunt and stretch my right hand by turning in a weird position ,but No! I won't use left hand.
Sounds silly, to show such partiality towards your own hands, but that s the way I am.

A lot of such believes come and go as generations pass by, But the other day i saw this little boy of Indian origin standing beside his mum and incidentally stepped on her.Immediately he touched her and then put the hand back on his heart and forehead *. I was surprised and happy that the mum had taught her son something which we all learn and follow as Indians. I was only hoping, she would have also told the reason behind that act, Or else one day the child would think it is a belief without any reason behind it.

P.S: * It is a method of bowing to the person when you have hurt them ,which also means recognising all human beings and their feelings as you would care about your own.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

some one s reading!

In the initial days of me blogging, I wasn't comfortable with anyone I know read it. I was a bit too conscious of people who know me too well, writing some comment.
May be the thought about how they would judge me reading this also was not all that appealing.
Aj himself was oblivious of the fact that I had something called a blog until I wished him on our anniversary and sent me a link.
Slightly surprised, his only reaction was "oh![??!!]"
He is not much of a reader unless it is of course about cars and Cars and More CARS!! :(
So it just was left there, unknown to many I know personally.
Until my Sis - in -law wrote to me saying she enjoys reading my blogs. I was quite surprised, But it seems she had followed some link and found me and reading names and other details was quite sure it was me.
It was quite encouraging for me. Since quite a few friends and cousins have read my blog now and then and it does not worry me anymore what they would comment.
After all that s whyI write.
But the biggest surprise came to me when Aj commented on my recent 2 blogs. I was thrilled,shocked and laughing reading them.
Asked, the man replied that he has been following my blog for quite sometime now.:)
sheesh! He even reminds me to write a post everyday. Hmmm, I guess the time has come to gear up ,Now that someone here so close, reads my blog almost everyday.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

I want it too :)

I know this is going to be hard, Atleast for me.
It is going to include a lot of patience and care, But I am up for it.
I have always adored you, looking at you - stealthily in hands of others,

mejealous of friends who have you.
Now the time s come for me to get you.
There may be breaks and tears, But I am willing to take the risk -
Of pouring my love and care, Only to see you grow taller and stronger by the day.



Holiday season and parties are done and I can chop you[in relief ?!!] to go back to my No maintenance, No fuss small and short NAILS :)

-Written in frustration caused by slowing down of doing dishes and typing ,but in anticipation of having beautiful ,slender long and well done nails :)
P.S: no, these aren't my hands.its a googled image. But I am hoping for similar results ;)

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A block here. a block there..

This blog marathon is surely charging my brain. I look at all big and small thing with a critical eye,every incident is analysed and finally I sit and think about things even while eating lunch! :(
But today has been a very tiring day and I have ended with a blocked mind.
May be the 35 degree heat has just hit me hard ( atleast that s what I want to believe). I don't want to think too hard, don't want to write any incident.Instead i ll post some pictures from Otway Forest walk, which we went with a bunch of close friends last Tuesday.
This is a conserved rain forest area with dedicated path to walk around and enjoy the flora of green forests. the best part is the tree top walk, built atleast 3- storey high like a bridge amongst the tree tops making one feel like how a bird or any creature feels amongst the trees.

There s even a tower which takes you high above the trees and was exciting even for me, who s scared of heights.The entire walk took us around an hour,but was fantastic and I don't think anyone of us felt we had walked for so long.
Looks like there s some problem with the net,
So I ll be posting more pics tomorrow.
It seems there s a block there too.:(
A block here.. a block there..

Monday, 9 November 2009

Hail Bollywood!

No, I have not been paid to write things about praising bollywood and anyway, not that it needs any major support.
Today, it is as famous and beyond as tikka masala used in 6" sub ,harbhajan in cricket and Bangalore tech park. Bollywood themes especially the dances and music are getting popular by the day.
But for me, I have been a big fan since the times I know. The first movie I remember watching is Mr.India back in 1988 and the big screen has captured me since. After this came my school days where "Ashiqui ribbons"(forgive my spelling) to "Madhuri's salwar" was soaked in like a sponge.
I cried with Simran as she left London and her love to get married in India, Danced watching Karishma's moves in 'dil to pagal hey' and laughed my heads off at the crazy Govinda movies.
Later during under graduation I appreciated more serious movies , involving with the chronicles of Konkana and Rahul Bose in Mr.& Mrs. Iyer to biting my nails watching Bhuvan win over the firnags in a thrilling match.
No movie, however bad can put me off my love towards Bollywood.
Now living here, so far away from home, I ensure we follow every movie possible.
So much that Aj has become a fan too , So here we are reading every review possible and holding onto the most happening link to our country via a beautiful window called "Bollywood"!!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Alien -2

Read part 1 here
She was shocked and for a few seconds, held the bag tightly as if it is a life jacket and she is in a drowning boat. Suddenly she realised someone was staring at her and to add to her already shocked state, she realised it was the ticket checker.
"oh, my, I am dead" she thought as she realised both the tickets were with the hubby who had got down at the previous stop.
She saw the "T.C." advancing towards her, But had a wave of relief pass on her as he kindly said" I saw what happened, Don't worry,Get down at the next station and take a train back."
Smiling gratefully at him, she got ready to get off at the next station, when her phone rang.
"How dumb of me" she thought as she heard her husband's voice from the other end.
"Hi dear, where are you"
"still in the train, don't worry, I ll get off the next stop and take a train back"
"poor you, I am so sorry, dint realise you had that bag with you"
"come one, as if you knew I am a slow coach, I am getting off now, will try to get the next train, looks like there is one at the station now" so saying she jumped off the train but unfortunately the other train was only waiting for the signal and left as soon as her train reached the station.
Sadly, she called her husband again, who informed her that the next train is going to be 20 minutes from then.
She gave a sigh and for the first time looked around.
It was a deserted station and quite small. Pretending to be brave, she went and sat on a bench again clutching the bag tightly. She heard a few voices, not too far away and she swallowed hard to get rid of the heavy lump that was hurting her throat.
" No, I should be brave, there's nothing to be scared" she told herself as the phone rang again.
"Hi, what s up? scared"
" come on, be brave, Anyway lets talk till the train arrives"
"sure, as though we never talk at home " she smiled for the first time in the last half an hour.
" no, we don't, Not like we used to, remember . We were very far from each other then, so this tiny instrument was the only means to feel closest to each other " so saying he smiled too.
Soon they started to talk and she found herself telling him all those things she felt after she reached this alien land , her fears which she had never mentioned about, home-sickness which she was proud enough not to mention about and her insecurity about what the future holds for them. He listened very patiently , re-assuring her like he used to always and soon she heard the train slowing down at the station.
She hung up the phone and minutes later jumped into the arms of her dear husband who said " so, how was your train adventure ?"
" pretty good, comforting and most importantly very encouraging. Thank you" she said.
"hey, Don't thank me. Thank the train"
" no, no, I should thank you for jumping out the train like a monkey leaving me alone" she said and they laughed together, a laugh of hope and lots of dreams about a wonderful life together.

Even to this day, the biggest way of displaying feelings , sharing thoughts and clearing clouds of confusion are obviously over phone and the phone companies are having a great profit on our expense. :) :)

Saturday, 7 November 2009


She was new to the place..
different country, strange faces, new culture, unknown places..
Everything seemed alien, Still she was excited..
After all she was newly married in a new country.
With a tinge of sadness , home-sickness and loads of hope .. One fine day she sat waiting for her husband to be back from work..
They were to go shopping, to an "Indian" shop and he had promised her that she ll miss home even lesser when she sees all the goodies there..From pickles to Papadums..
from Sambar masala to Santoor Soap.. Just everything to make her more at home in a foreign land..
He came home at the time he promised and together they took the train,They were to met a friend before that and then go to the Indian shop on their way back!
As she entered the Indian shop, she felt here husband had described it right..
With lots of excitement she took a shopping basket and started filling it with spices, pickles, powders, lentils.. and soon she was contented to leave to home.
As they took the train back, a very happy girl went thorough the stuff she had bought again as though to re-confirm they are all there..
Soon her husband started chatting with her about this and that as stations came by and passed by.
Suddenly,they realise their stop had come and the train has stopped for quite some time now.
In a quick moment,her husband grabs and bag and runs to the door just to make it out,when the door closes with the beeep and slams shut!!
As the train starts moving, the poor girl is stuck with her 'happy bag' and that too alone!!
Note:I had drafted this an year back, added a bit today and posting this story in 2 parts :
Part 2 - tomorrow

Friday, 6 November 2009

A long story- Part 2 - shock!

Story so far

“I am fine, so how s the day been so far” the person wrote.

“Not bad for a conversation”- she thought as she wrote “been boring, nothing much to do”

“Really, have you watched “tum” another question was thrown at her referring to a recent released movie?

“Hmm, yes.I liked the songs especially “she replied and thus they chatted for some more time till she read “so, you are a girl, I presume” on her screen.

“Does it matter? I am here just to meet and chat, not discuss my life or anything to do with it” she wrote angrily.

Immediately there was a pause in the random flow of conversation and as she thought” well, there goes another person, this time chased off quite late” when the screen read “Sorry for a late reply, But I could not help laughing over this. I can bet my life over the fact that you are a girl and a very sensible one too. Anyway, you have a choice of saying yes or keeping quiet, But let me say this, I am a guy and honestly I don’t think I need to lie to you. I can trust you”

‘What nerve’ – she thought as she wrote “Hey Mr., you should not trust anyone so soon these days. Anyway, how has your day been “she asked?.

His reply came and she gasped as she read “I work as an engineer in Z & Z industries. Having second shift, so came to check if I have got any e-mails, I usually never chat but somehow today logged in &……..” He went on...

Z & Z industries was a stone’s throw to her college hostel. As her house was a decent 3 hour drive from her college, she used to stay in the hostel during classes and go home during weekends and vacations. She gasped at the thought of the dangerous waters she was treading in and decided to log off when he asked her” what do you do”

She lied without a hesitation “I am doing my B.A. in abc college” naming a famous college with more than 5000 students near her house.

- to be conitnued

Thursday, 5 November 2009

gotch me!!

As I dug into banana Halwa, my mum had sent this time from home, I felt a wave of nostalgia sweeping through me. Moreover, reading through the childhood (read as not- so -childlike) episodes from avi's blog made me go back to my childhood too.

Speaking of which, though I am his cousin.. I was known to be errrr...calm (* people who know me from the later years, please refrain yourself from falling off your chairs and laughing aloud like lunatics in office. Stay calm..) , yes I said CALM, sensible, ideal kid who dint indulge in devilish acts like her famous cousins.(I swear, Ask my parents, poor souls! little did they know the devil behind the angelic child, Anyway.)So I have a handful of my mischief bhare karname( mischievous stories) which I or anyone can recall from the golden times.

It so happened that one fine day my Mum and my grandma decided to make this yummy halwa. After boiling it to the right cosistency, they poured it into a plate for cooling off and left it on the table. Mum later left for work while granny went about her other chores. It was all during our summer holidays, so my neighbor cum assistant(ahem!) cum friend cum cousin Ms.R ( a reputed mischief maker of the area) and A-again our cousin cum friend cum visitor and finally, yours truly were already having a post breakfast,pre-bath playing time on the swing and riding cycles all along the road. We kept walking into the house to have a drink of water and continued playing till we heard “Can we have all of you here?"

That was my grandmother, standing at the doorway with raised eyebrows which in other words meant “we are in trouble".

Anyway, we walked to her and assembled decently. After all, our experience had taught us "atleast pretend to be innocent till proven guilty ";)

Granny (with unusually calm voice) - 'who touched the halwa?"

Us (shaking our heads) - "not me"

G:" are you sure?"

Us: "yes"

G (pointing to me) - “how about you? "

Me ( looking down) - *silent…. then... softly "yes"

Rest of them with eyes wide open" how did you know granny?"

Granny (with a tiny smile) just walked in and I could hear her laughing over the phone talking to mum.

Are you curious to know what happened?

Well... me - the smart person -had walked in, seen the halwa which was almost cooled, so tried to cut it like a cake but with a blunt butter knife, hence could not. So I started itching out shapes and doodles onto the halwa and satisfied also wrote "S" before running out..: P : P

Of-course, I got caught! :)

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

two minutes of my life...

In our very busy and getting-more- busier world, where one really has just the optimum time to share stories and have a few laughs together and that too with limited group of people, Often coming across the otherwise makes me keep that smile a little longer in my head and my days becomes more beautiful.

Every morning, when I decide to get lazy and leave for office just in time to catch the 8.24 train, Aj drives me off to a station before the regular one as its more towards his office and I am early for the train due, hence this works well for catching the 8.24.

Anyway, this station is right next to a school zone and during school opening times, there will be a person at allocated crossings on road to assist the kids cross. This person moves to the centre of the street with a stop sign and a whistle to catch attention of the traffic and stop the vehicles, thus letting children cross the road. **

And I always cross the road at this children crossing, Not because all the vehicles will stop to let “her-majesty” or yours truly cross, But because I get to say hello to the person standing there (To make it easier let’s call her C. C is one such person, who truly enjoys what she does .Not just that, She always has a big Hi with a still wider smile to every person, kids and adults alike crossing here.

Initially I would just respond back with a hello and now we have a small conversation too. I noticed that she spreads her enthusiasm in life to quite a few of us at that crossing. Wish I could do my job with so much joy and enthusiasm every moment.

Just 2 minutes of my day spent with C, but as I said, the big grin of C keeps that smile a little longer in my head, through the busy day.

**This system is followed all thought the school zones here.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

A cup of joy or misery??

As I mentioned yesterday, Today was Melbourne cup day.And like any English Oriented country, This is a time for Horse race,fashion,food, wine and betting.

As much as as the first four sounds appealing,I feel there needs to be some serious thought about the last one.. betting or in simple words Gambling. As someone I know said, Melbourne Cup isn't just a race stopping the nation,It is also a big gambling addiction spreading its claws further and wider through the people.

I may sound quite rude here, But seeing the importance these people give to horse racing makes me literally puke. As much as the horse races are thrilling , the tremendous amount of money spent around it is absolutely shocking.This very own state which is still coming out of the nature's wrath through Bush-fires not long ago has managed to spend 90 million dollars in betting. if cup day is a tradition, Is this how horrendously expensive this tradition is?

Anyway, All that money 'wasted' as I would say is as good as throwing that in the ocean because all it made was rich more richer and probably showed glimpses of fast wealth to the rest which is as good as melting ice in the poles..It will disappear anyway.

Hope atleast someone will see the light before this rubbish gets bigger sucking in more people and their hard earned money. Tell me what you think, I would love to hear.

And thanks for quick comments I am getting, Will reply tomorrow to each one, once back to routine.

P.S: We had an amazing time at Otway Forests along the Great Ocean road.

More pics and updates in the next travel blog.

Till then,


Monday, 2 November 2009

Round trip

This is really a bigger challenge than I thought.Especially with the long weekend, I am absolulty shocked at the way I am running around doing chores to have a 'nice' 'long weekend'! Phew....

Well,every year the first Tuesday of November is the 'Melbourne cup day' or in simple terms 'cup day'. As they say, the race that stops the nation.But dint stop of us from doing all our chores on Saturday, Go to celebrate 'Kannada rajyotsava' with fellow Kannadigas last evening followed by a long 'round trip' (literally) around the bay from Melbourne to Queens cliff, then a Ferry ride to Sorranto and back to Melbourne via Mornington Peninsular.Poor Aj, Had a tiring time driving so long though.

And again tomorrow is a long day.have planned another trip, this time, more friends and much more fun...

So more pics tomorrow.This blog Marathon is proving to be tougher than I thought.But surely making my CPU work hard!

:) Smiles Smiles..

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Day 1 - clueless me :(

A blog that began
without the slightest hesitation
had nothing much to pen this time,
Hence this inspiration

Hope this does not sound
oh, too desperate
Something nice , well written is
right way to operate.

Don't now for how long,
seems do hard, but true
Hence this silly poem
to hell with 'writing blues'**

** with due respects to Monday morning blues which attacks poor me, every Mondays..sigh!!!

This is the first of my blogs as a part of November Blogroll in NaBloPoMo .
Wish me luck !!
And ya, I just ranted something off in this first one.But I hope I ll be more productive in the forthecoming blogs.
And also ..Today being November 1 is Kannada Rajyotsava,

"ಉದಯವಾಗಲಿ ನಮ್ಮ ಚೆಲುವ ಕನ್ನಡ ನಡು "

"ಸಿರಿಗನ್ನದಂ ಗೆಲ್ಗೆ "

ಕನ್ನಡ ರಾಜ್ಯೋತ್ಸವದ ಹಾರ್ದಿಕ ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು

Friday, 16 October 2009

quick bite

A quick bite is a kind of kick I have decided to give myself to keep blog spirit live .Something, short, quick and spontaneous.First one of them:


After all the random kitchen chores post dinner,I decided it was time to call it a day(rather night) and get some sleep. Going towards the bedroom,my thought bubble at this instance "oh, it is weekend ,tomorrow - colour dress!***" :)
While the actual thought bubble should have been "Oh, it is weekend, it is CASUAL WEAR tomorrow"!!! :P
*** While in school,we used to be allowed to wear any dress we want on the last working day of the week which was called colour dress as it was not the normal uniform.haha!
I wondered how this phrase came to my mind after so many years,smiled and went off to sleep.

P.S: Picture: I clicked this at HongKong during our stopover. Nothing Spectacular but it seemed to me that the man made concrete jungle was trying its level best at competing with the natural set out.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A long story - Part 1 -Chat

Another lazy day of her college vacations. A late breakfast of maggi noodles with loads of water, she ignores the usual ranting of her mum about how she should not be eating this and have a more healthier breakfast.

Gulping through the last bit of Maggi and a quick shower later, she sat in front of her computer.

Checked her mails, had nothing interesting except one of 2 mails from her friends wishing her happy valentines! That cheered her up a bit and then she went on to write a few e-mails to her friends .

A hello here, a hug there, She really dint have much to write about. Sigh! She thought as her eyes fell on the ‘shortcut to a local chat room’. ‘When did this come?’ she wondered and then thought it must have been her neighbor who had been in to fix the system a week ago. Grumbling about that guy loading things on without asking ,she went back to her e-mails.Stifling a yawn, she again noticed the chat room link.’ Well, should I enter?’ a voice in her head spoke.Having heard a million stories from her friends about all sorts of weirdoes’, she had never ventured into this.But curiosity soon won and she decided she will log in and at the first instance of imbecility from anyone,she would log off.Another thing,she reminded herself “ I won’t reveal anything about me”.

She clicked on the link and waited for the chat windows to show up.After Initial logging in as ‘S’ and no more information she saw a few pop ups from other chat room users.

First one shamelessly asked for age and sex even before a hi. She cancelled and blocked him off. Her instinct told it has to be a him. ‘Idiot’ she mumbled till another few similar chat requests came. She religiously blocked them off deciding she had quite enough.

The cursor almost reached the cross on the right end top corner when a request came in saying “Hi there, how are you? How s your day?”

She gasped and contemplated whether to ignore or chat. ‘Not one, but this person is chatting just as she wanted to chat, But may be this is some sort of smart pervert with a decent mask’ she thought when another line popped up “Hello, you there, I thought we were here for a chat”.

“Well, 2 whole sentences and not one sign of asking age and gender, here I reply” she thought as she wrote “hi there, I am fine. How are you?”

…. To be continued.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Ganesh (contd)

As I mentioned in my previous post, our trip home was every moment worth it.And this time I got an opportunity to meet new people (both extended family and otherwise).

Aj’s native place Honnavar is an abode of nature at its best and most affectionate people, that I could not help but fall in love with this small town . Resting along the Arabian sea on one side and huge green mountains bordering it from the other side, this place has still managed to be pollution free and almost calm inspite of NH17 cutting right across. We stayed there for 5 days and I learnt, admired, enjoyed countless tiny moments and knew...My first Ganesh festival with my husband’s family is going to be memorable for my whole life to come.

We went to get our ‘Ganesh’ a very cute one, I must say sitting royally over a ‘shankha’(conch shell) (see the picture above).And while we were there- I, for the first time in my life had a glimpse at the life of people who have dedicated their lives to making these idols year after year. As I entered their house cum studio, there was an enormous sea of Ganesh idols(picture 2).each one different from the other, every expression beautifully drawn and some incomplete with the master himself giving finishing touches and make these idols come alive, well… almost.

Probably no words or pictures can completly appreciate the creative work of these people ,But nevertheless, I am just posting a few frozen moments .Hope you will like it.:)

This post is dedicated to those talented people I am sure, exist in countless un-known town and villages all over our country.

Well, Another Important thing is Swaram has been kind enought to award me with my very first blog award(s).
I ve added them to my page and Thank you so much for them.
This appreciation means a lot to me. :) :)
Till next time,

Friday, 18 September 2009

High on Life!!

And I am again back from The Nth hibernation mood! :)

Just kidding!

and before I write more, Thanks to Swaram,reflections,Bhai and all others who commented on my previous post reminding me that my little blog baby is waiting for me :)

Actually we were on a secret mission ,which is not so secret any more.It started off with Aj getting bugged with work,missing home,hating winter etc etc that one fine morning as I was looking at my watch, computer clock and wall clock in the office for HUNDREDth time *sigh and he rang me to say the golden words "LET s GO HOME! "

I dint think for a split second and said "SURE, WHEN"?

and thus it all began.

We decided we would be going off for Ganesh Chaturti and with such a short notice we managed 2 weeks of leave. And then the mad scampering began for shopping , packing this and that and we went!

Boy! We had a royal time back home surprising family and spent around 5 days at Aj's native place with my new family during ganesh chaturti.Though it was such a short trip,I am sure it was so much more worth than the minuscule of time we spent in India that the 'hangover' s still there.

3 weeks since we are back and not 1 night goes by when either of us don't dream of a scene back home,So much is the intensity of our trip.

This being the background and the foreground story of the "secret mission" in short .

Hope all of you had a great festive season! and to all my friends especially S and Avin(2 of my closest friends), whom we dint meet or dint even manage to call,I am sure you understand.
Sorry about it!
Till the next post,
See you all...Cheers!!
P.S. The picture shows the Ganapati at our native place (Honnavar).
P.P.S: this is the quickest post I ve ever written, Straight 10 minutes including pic load! :D

Friday, 17 July 2009

weird facts - A fact

When a good friend wrote a tag about 7 weird facts,I was quite alarmed..
Not because she had 7 weird traits, but because I am a total weird specimen and How could I possibly choose the best 7?
isn't it totally unjust to the rest of my dearest weird habits?
'well..darlings..much as you are all a part of ones are the best ones..
so just hang around there..u ll get another chance..'

Which brings me to my first WH[weird habit](haven't you realised yet?)
~TALKER:"psst....I talk to myself " yes!! you read it right.Mostly when I am alone or thinking of some situation,I add possible conversations!!interesting eh?
I guess this has eliminated a lot of "sane people" from reading further..Cause this is CRAZY!! and the sane guys wont risk this.. :D

Well.. next one s not too bad actually and I think [atleast hope] many others nod their heads reading this..
~MOVIE MAKER:When I read a book,I see all the characters, the scene exactly like a movie in my head.It s not something I have to try to do.Its just automatic.Read the first line of the first chapter and bang!!the movie in my head begins. Recently have found this to work whenever people tell me incidents,stories,anecdote..just anything..
So now you know,just remember :don't tell me,I repeat "Do- not -tell -me" anything cheesy which you would not want me to imagine cause it happens by itself! ;)
** swathy hears more people disowning her/or anything to do with her at this point.

Hey wait,
I promise next one s not too bad, please.. trust me..
~HARRY POTTER :I have read each "Harry potter" book atleast 15times completely till date and I know I will read it again and again and again....

That was not too bad right? see, i told you so.
I hope I wont jinx myself writing about this,*fingers crossed!
~GOLD HUNTER :I have till date found lost and found my gold earrings,studs,loops basically all "GOLD" in the weirdest ways possible.
Like when I was 8,I was standing on the swing as usual(yes, I never sat decently on it till I grew up) out in the garden,leaning my face on to the swing chain(* those 4 iron chains which support the wooden swing)absent minded rubbing my ear to it when I saw my sister and cousin racing to reach the swing and whoosh!!Swathy,the swing heroine decides to save her swing from the monsters attacking and decide to swing herself with a big push and thud!! lands on the ground with a bleeding ear and a lost god ring!!
After a nice scolding and ears bleeding[literally] Everyone decided to hunt for the ring, after all it must be right there.
NO one find it and the next evening, the One-ear ringed Swing girl goes to her swing and there it is..
lying on the ground..oh.. as though it dropped from the mango tree that very instant!!

And this happened,just a few months ago when I was playing with my 3rd stud of my left year **yes,I have got 3 on each ear lobe ;)watching Tv,I dropped a stud and again to cut the story short, in-laws and Aj hunted for it day and night while I sat panicking.
Never found.. Next evening I go, sit on the chair and place my hand on the cushion and lo!! there is the culprit!! :P :P
Well.. Just lucky in this matter I guess and hope I will continue to be so for the careless,silly person I am as it is. ..:)

The last one I am going to write is something I told my friend about.. But I am going to repeat it:
~RHYTHM FREAK:I cannot listen to any piece of music/song without tapping my leg/or atleast patting one hand to the rhythm.Even if it is the National Anthem,I have to move atleast a finger to the beat..

**hey wait... where s everyone going?
come back ..please...
No more weird stuff I promise..
And at last I tag you
If you havent done this tag earlier or you have discovered new wierd facts.. go on.. tell me..

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

What s in a name did you say? 'A Whole Post' I'd say!!

My blog friend Swaram complimented on my blog name *thanks once again for that and then I told her it is in "ಕನ್ನಡ " (Kannada) which many would not have realised.For which she said that she did,In fact she was confused about Swathy(me) writing about "Anu's World".

Fair enough reason to write a post on,I thought, to tell you a little more about how I got to having a blog.The reason has been quite simple.

When I moved here to this island continent [post wedding] I like every-other- bird- leaving-its -nest was emotionally,socially and to certain extent even economically thrown apart.We had to first find accommodation , then find jobs[ as my husband was a student with a part time job earlier ] and basically settle ( as everyone says).
Well, luckily by god s grace (in this case it was like a miracle for us in every instance than a natural event,hence we always mention 'god s grace' ) we managed to get a accommodation, found small time jobs[not what we are meant to do as per our qualifications,but still] and started our married life.We still had some loans,had to hunt for proper jobs and more than all that I missed my home,my country. And even to this day,I hate ranting about all this as it brings a chill down my spine,but I have braved it now because "this was why I took the solace of blog world."
I wanted to spill out, write about my weird, scary, funny, new experiences I was having every new day of my life.but did I?
I did not dare write because I was scared people will ridicule me or worst ignore me , hence I would quietly visit blogs, read and log off unnoticed.I slowly got into the flow of time as months rolled by and I had found a "field job" in an architecture firm and felt I was "back in action".

I forgot all about blogs I was reading earlier for a while and it was only when one of my close friends mentioned about blogs.I logged in again to see my blog with no posts, just the heading " Anu'la Samsara" staring back at me.

Then the rest is history.

Though its true,I can go missing for months together [ a lazy bum I am as it is ]without a single post, Now I can dare writing thanks to a lot of encouragement from all my blog friends and polite reminders from few and of course my dear hubby who does not read but definitely gave me some topic to write like here and here and here :P . I guess this is the small story behind


p.s.: oh,yes regarding who is Anu?
As many might know,we have a tradition in G.S.B community weddings,where a new bride is given a new name and accepted into her husband s house hold.The new name represents a new identity as a wife and a daughter in law for the bride but it also means she is like a new-born child into the family.So she adorns a new name given by her new family.
Hence Swathy also became Anumita :) or you very own "ANU"
Mystery solved!

P.P.S: Again I ve thrown in some random pictures.[just for you shwetz]First one was clicked by me on my first chopper ride along the "great ocean road". Find me in the second doing "peek-a-boo" !! :D

Friday, 3 July 2009

Photo Gallery

I clicked these pictures during the easter break, when we went on a tiny 2 day holiday.Just not feeling like writing anything about the pictures..
not as yet.. may be I will update something later. :)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Just a thought..

P.S: I dont intend to hurt or doubt anyone s intentions by this post.But its just a thought..No particular event or incident made me think this.
In today s world, when we speak and believe of human equality and rights,I wish we could just eliminate the words "servant" or "maid".
I know the whole "dignity of labour" and related issues would say " what s the big deal , a job is a job is a job",and though I have never been closely associated with anyone in this line of work..I am sure no one would love to say "Oh,My mum s a maid" or " we have been servants for 3 generation"
cant we substitute this with the word "helper" or "house help"?
Now this starts another question saying"so even if you call a helper [lets keep this word from henceforth] a helper or is not going to change their status or duties or responsibilities ,isn't it? then what s the fuss about?"
well.. Have you tried referring a person in such a position as a helper?It does make a lot of difference,I have seen it.
May not be by money or any other way, but just morally.
It will definitely boost self-esteem. I rest my case.
P.P.S: Now I am not an expert in this issue, as I said this was just the quickest,without second thought,boldest ever post I have made.
P.P.S: I clicked this picture.. Nothing great..But its one of my best ones..

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

is it just me?? :O

Scene 1:
As a kid, when I used to often visit my maternal uncle's place in Kerala.Having a farming background meant lots of people of work in the fields and in the farm.This scene which I am going to mention used to get repeated very often I grew out of it.. :P
I would be standing in the veranda,my mouth filled with some sweet/goodies my aunt s would have made till a lot of the women [working on the farm] would see me and come to say hello to me! :P
Thus a conversation would be typically like this:
W1: swadi kuttiyallo?[hey,isint this swathy kiddo??] **pinching my cheeks..
me: nan kutti yalla..big girl!!**rubbing my cheeks[u see,I used to speak Malayalam quite okaish as a kid, now its just past glory..hence I remember only these words..shame on me!! :(]
W1 and others would be a bit surprised at this snobbish remark coming from a 4- 6 year old that too mouth full ''eeks and would continue chatting to me anyway..carefull not to mention the "kutti" word!
The point then was I am not a kid..
I am a girl..A [big]GIRL!! :O

Scene 2 :
A 20 s something me go to a kids birthday party[Hey, don't think I am gate crashing,its just the kids parents are friends]
As always..Photo session time when someone announces OK.. All ladies photo!!
A tiny voice in my head: "ladies?" huh... just call us girls OK.. :O
The point now still remains the same:
I am a Girl..A big GIRl!!

and we say boys will be boys!! :P (which is of course true...) it just me???

Friday, 19 June 2009

good, old days

I ll do this tag that she has written about.Here,I tag myself..[*imagine a tag like a suitcase tag getting fixed to my wrist :P] .I have written many a posts about memories of the good old days here .

Still there are so many in the old barrel to be pulled out.

1) Birthdays

The first one i remember was being 5 year old and dressed in deep green silk skirt and blouse, jasmine arranged traditionally on my hair like here..[ya, imagine a 5 year old!! :D]

with loads of relatives around me.That was the last of the birthday s that was celebrated at such a scale.

Then it was just a sweet dish, wishes, blessing and of course cards and calls from my best friends all throughout school ,but the day still thrilled me :) .

College brought out a new dimension with mid night parties, cake smashing on face and head,surprise gifts,special calls[:)] from far away friends from school and not to ever- forget the "budday bumps"!!(For those who don't know what it is.. its just you being held by 6-8-10 people[depending on how heavy you are! ;)] by your hands and legs and hurled up in the air and then left at the mercy of gravity and caught when you are about to hit the floor..)

And at present, I am happy with a quite birthday with just the few close friends wishes..

dining out and no cake please..think about all those calories!! :P

2) Books and reading

As a 6 year old,I was like that enthusiastic puppy[;)] around my neighbour's kids lets call them Y & Z.Both older than me by quite a few years, they used to take me to school and back, play with me..[rather keep a watch on me] and I adored them,followed them,thought them to be my sisters.

Their dad and mum were both into literature,hence both the girls were very good readers for their age and even wrote poetry and short stories.

I was first taken by them to the local government library and helped choose a book and thus began a life time affair for me.

I started with huge lettered picture books and soon within a year graduated to whatever X and Y would pick for me.They moved to another town within a year after that,but by then I was addicted to books.I explored the world of Enid Blyton,graduated to short stories and fables from all around the world, digested lives of famous personalities and basically whatever the library could offer to a a high school student was read by me over and over again by the time I was 12.

Every day of the vacation except Monday-the weekly off for the library began with me running/cycling to the library at sharp 10A.M when the place opened, read a magazine or the latest book there borrow books and then come home for lunch, read a little more,play with friends for an hour,then read again till night.yes, I was that crazy!!

My cousin A who used to come over to stay with us for the holidays hated this habit of mine because he could never imagine why should I be reading over the vacations.. :) :)instead of playing the whole day.

Hmmmmm..back to present! :)

Anyway,though I miss the good old days, I cannot imagine rewinding it.It is much better the way it is now.. for good or worse.. I like this..