Monday, 30 November 2009


A small wave that started far away from the shore,gathered strenght and became monstrous hitting the shore. without any emotions displayed, Sheela sat watching this as more and more waves followed.
Far away, she could hear laughter, chat, chirping birds and the occasional splashing of water.Nothing effected her already disturbed mind,she sat- thinking the same question.
"Is this the end?"
Her heart still could not believe this was happening to her.All her dreams with him, together as a pair were shattered over and again, by him.No, he never abused her physically but all that mental torture, the hurting words, the yelling was over the limit.She tried all she could to please him and be as calm as possible, thinking he would change, eventually see the light and all will be happier.
Till yesterday when she got an sms from him while she was away at a project lunch from office.He yelled at her with all kinds of swear words saying he never wanted to see her face again, just because she could not receive his call on time.This was not the first time, but a routine to her. but this time she did exactly what he asked for and what she should have done much earlier.She just calmly took half a day off, went home before he did,packed all the stuff she never wanted to see again(there wasn't much anyway),called a courier and sent the stuff away and left the house, but not before calling a locksmith and changing all the locks to the house.. her house.
As she remembered the last part, she smiled at herself, a sad smile but worth giving it back to him.
Taking a flight to Goa with 10 days off work, not before instructing her friends in office to stay quite about this was not too hard.. Like the wave getting strong and hitting the shore , she stood up boldly and walked back to her hotel, her steps getting stronger each time towards a brighter future.

And that ends the blog Marathon!!
Thank you Vittal, Swaram,Nancy, Avi, Shwetz,Sash Bhai, Ajai, Vyoma and Aj for reading , commenting and being a part!Sorry if I have missed anyone in the team.
I will be taking a break.So till next time..


Swaram said...

Wow! Nice one :)
And u did it! Yay!
Have a nice time and be back soon :)

Vyoma said...

too good swathy..... but plz dont stop writing.... i have got addicted to reading ur blogs....... :( will miss ya.... :(

Swathy said...

@ swaram: thank you for being there!
will be back soon!

Reflections said...

Ended it in style!!!!! The story was really good tho I feel u cd have made it bigger:-).

Congrats on finishing the marathon successfully!!!!!

Swathy said...

thank you so much!
hmmm, I kind a got imapatient, hence finished the story!

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Goosebumps! My! Gawd! Shit! Holy! Goodness!

Rakesh said...

y takin a break????

Swathy said...

@ vittal: bad? sad?not clear?
@ avi:
bugged... but wil be back!

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Absolutely mind blowing! :-)

Swaram said...

Hey! Hw r u dng? Been so so long!

A very happy new yr to u and AJ :)

Reflections said...

Wishing U a happy new year!!!!

p.s: u've been awarded:-)!!!

Uj said...

hey nice blogposts... I somehow missed reading your blog.. read all the posts once for all..:) keep writing

Shwetz said...

Happy New Year Anuu...!!

hehe.. this one was good! breaks are mandatory. be back soon :)

Chhaya said...

Where did the writer of this awesome piece go?????

waiting for ur new one :)

following u now

commited to life said...

hey thes tory was nice..

p.s was just passing by

Live2cherish said...

That was quite bold move. Loved reading it.