Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Wish -Fairy

My granny always says" never curse or speak the forbidden,there are angels all around you who just waits to say "tatastu(meaning "wish granted!")" and bham! what u said might come true!"

Though this was mainly told to us for the following reasons :a) to never think any ill of anyone/anything.

b) to bring in that "be-positive" attitude in us (I still remember avoiding the thought /fear of low marks in maths, In case "wish-fairy"heard it!! and ultimately learnt to face the situation,not fear it..)

But now,I really really wish ...that "wish fairy"is staring hard into the screen to read what I am writing just to say "Tatastu"

(Warning:this is apart from the usual do good to all and keep everyone happy wish,all right!cause I ask for it every moment I think about it..My list is about what I would ask if I had to be specific right now..without any attachments/situation s created!On-The-Spot!!)

Dear wish fairy(:D )

This are my few wishes I want to do/have granted:

1)I want to study further and do my masters.Of course,In relation to my own field, but subjects not yet decided!!(why???- read point 2)

2)I want to teach in architecture school at some point of my life-part time,casual,full time,anything!

But wanna teach and I am greatly inspired to do this by one of my lecturers in Graduation who had told -the fulfillment of any profession is only when u teach/impart yourknowledge to someone else.

Now to teach Architecture,Masters is mandatory(read point 1-if forgotten) which is an added bonus so I can aim at 2 things..learn, and later teach.

3)I wanna learn "normal-simple"swimming,the process of which has started hundred thousand years ago(ok,ok,I plunged into pool around 6 years ago, last time being 3 years ago..)and want to swim without having "have to breath" as an incentive :\ when I cover the breadth of the pool!(for people who don't know,I hold my breath and swim, I still have not learnt to bob my head up while swimming to breath)

4) I want to visit at least 7 countries before I die.(now don't count the transit at singapore/bankok/Kaulalampur..ok..Its counted only if I enter,visit, see and learn something..)

of course,since I am here, Still 6 more to go..

5)I wanna learn some dance.. not the Bhingri(mad dance) but something more organised one..

I have no major choice in this..for now anything simple(graceful) dance form existing on the earth s face(read as easily around me)will do..

bus!ab keliye it na hi..[that s all for now]

Did I just hear "TATASTU"???!?!!

Okay,now u have read this..(no way,U r trapped, U cant run away.closing eyes/this page.. wont help too!!.)wish fairy wants 5 more wishes from you in your blog!![on the spot]

She s ok if you don't have a blog, just write it in the comments for this post..

with this Tag..

me off..


P.S:Thanks for the wish fairy images I got through google s so pretty. :)


Ps said...

Wish fairies do exist! "if you want something really badly and want it with all your heart, the whole Universe conspires to give it to you"

roohi said...

i wish
1. i get to see u inshallah n get to hold hands with u n scream louddddllly aaaahhhhh!!!! with excitement ofcourse :D
2. i get to sit behind cheri n go hav a joy ride on her scooty ..for ol times sake...:)
3. i get to see the pyramids n all those greco-roman n old persian architecural wonders...aahh.
4. i get to time travel..ala timeline style..ofcourse we cud chose a better place n time though, rather than plagued n war ridden english n french territories.
5. n lastly n most importantly i wish tht my mum n dad's most ardent wish comes true inshallah..nothing like a hearty smile on ur loved ones face eh..:)

ahem..can i hav some more wishes..after wishing 5 times me sorta cant stop wishin..
no? aww..there.. sheesh..

Swathy said...

@ di,
Hmmm...I am here wishing very hard then!! :)Thanks.

@ rooo,
Oh, how sweet of you! U actually want to meet me!OOOOHHHHH!and that s a wish!!
Thanks so much!may all your 5 wishes and more come true!

Rakesh said...

hahaha swats this so typical in amchigele..even ma3 use to say to me :-)

Swathy said...

@ avi,
see I told so!