Thursday, 26 November 2009

And the rest 4...

8 things I love about winter
Hmmm, I am not really a winter fan, but every winter, I am just getting more and more used to it.
1) Hmmmm, Snow, of course.. Not that it snows here niether do I want that to happen, But going to a snow peak and spending a day is something very enchanting.
2) Not having to worry about what shirt I wear, cause I never take off my coat.
3) Which brings to the third point, Coats, scarfs, sweaters and the cute winter wear.. Just brings a whole new perspective in your wardrobe and a nice hole in your pocket if you arent careful ;)
4) Hmmm, hot soups which I have instead of coffee/ tea and the different flvours you get in the market is slurp! yummy!!
5) getting warm in front of the pathetic looking, but effective heater and fighting with Aj for the best position in front of it.
6)Looking at colourful umbrellas all across the street as people try to keep themselves dry. Trust me, it is a beautiful picture from my office!
7) Humming all the winter cheesy songs like "zara zara ...(sardi ki ratoon me ..;) )and driving aj nuts :P
8) Of course, saying "ufff, I am frozen" "Are we done with winter?not yet...!!!" over and over again and irritating people ;P

8 things on my wishlist

I have written a few here. Guess it still holds good.
Plus I want a calorie (guilt) free chocolate which should taste like real chocolate(no compramise here ).
Also I wish Child porn and child abuse vanishes from earth..It is truly disgusting!!
Lastly..(*mumble jumble..) secret wish done!
so there.... :P

8 things I am passionate about

1)Life in general, I hate to be layed back about anything.
2)Panipuri,I once ate 8 plates :P , that s my biggest achievement in this feild till date.
3) Water theme parks ;)
5)exploring nature and its various forms..- ocean, waterfalls, forests and all similar wonderful things out there
7)Winning ( I am a bad looser as in I dont take failure in a good manner.)
8)Most important, My family

8 words or phrases I use often
2)Tadaaaan (* at this point, I will jump out from hiding either wearing that new dress or even a different hairdo is enough to do this, But I do this only to Aj and my close friends..)
4)Oh my god!
5)eeeewwww, thats GROSS!
6) Hurr, Hurr (my way of chasing people who pester me! ;) )
7) Some 'random' x,y,z,!!!
8) rascalaaaaa
P.S. My phrases keep changing every season , so its hard to contain everything here :D

8 things I learnt from the past
1. Take your decision, but stick to it and accept all consequnces.
2. Never interrupt anyone while talking,Listen.. then speak
3. Life takes its own course, earlier realised.. better!
4. The sweetness of cheap stuff dies when the bitterness of poor quality comes in and that hanges around forever.
5. Wherever I go/live.. 'My home' is always back home in India. (I can never say 'ok, I ll leave for home ' everyday leaving from work.But I say that if I am 'going home')
6. I need to write down things and it just brings more clarity onto the tasks
7. Never rely on anyone,Try to be as independent as possible.
8. Crying & talking to someone always helps and lessens the burden.

8 places I would love to go, visit or see
1.New zealand
4.Hampi(have been there thrice, But I love the place)

8 things I currently need or want
1.Start a diet
2.Clean my wardrobe
3.Learn photoshop
4.A nice head massage job :)(quite scarey situation with all the low business thing going on)
6.Sleep less ( I am a big sleepy head, so reducing that will make life more beautiful )
8.A big hit of luck!

I dont know how I managed through this, But..
For now.. all s good and Anyone who wants to do this tag either here or on thier blogs are more than Welcome!


Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Phew! That was an exhaustive list. Kudos to you. Your patience is incomparable. :-)

Reflections said...

8 plates of panipuri....WOW, this sure is an acheivement. I've done 4 and felt terrible for the next 2 days;-(

"I need to write down things and it just brings more clarity onto the tasks"
Goodness even U;-o

Hurr, Hurr (my way of chasing people who pester me! ;) )
LOL...good one, I'm filing it away in my mind for future use;-D

And I too enjoy '2 and a half men'...forgot to add that;-D

U r right....we seem to have the same likes & dislikes in many respects;-)). Thanks for taking up the tag!!!!