Friday, 27 November 2009

A slice from last evening!

So we were coming back from work together.
While at a traffic signal, we notice a car standing on the green patch between the road and foot path.So "Know- it- all" Aj and "I-think- I- Know-too"me stare at the beauty and elegance :) as I call it..of the car.
Aj/KIA: did you see that?
me/ITIKT: ya,its a Mazda 6, isint it?
(At this point, we had to move a bit ahead in traffic, so we could not read the model name clearly, but I could see the curvy chrome lettering faintly.
KIA: no,It not.Its Mazda 3.
ITIKT: of course not silly, cant you see the curve of the "6" written.
KIA (a bit irritated now) : read it properly then, what do you think it is?
ITIKT: S-I-X.6!!!
The traffic light turned green and as we started moving
KIA: wanna bet?
ITIKT: Sure(check out my guts)
KIA:ok- drove across the road, pulled the car in a parking lot and we walked back towards the traffic light to cross the road and see the car.
At this point,I was laughing at my madness and people in other cars started giving me startled looks.
ITIKT:Check out my guts, I still think I am gonna win.
KIA: ya, sure...(must have rolled his eyes mentally!)
Suddenly we see that car moving towards us and as it passed us, Both of us turned to read..
And it read MAZDA 3!!
Bloody hell!!(pardon me swearing!!)
So I-think- I-Know-too have become I-Should-Speak-Only -When-I-am- doubly-sure, 20 dollars poor [:(]
and a little more wiser with Betting!! :P


Swaram said...

LOL :P Been there ... done that ;)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

This is putting your foot in your mouth or put/keep your mouth where the money is sort of a situation. Truly hilarious. But there is a social statement: don't speak on things you are not completely aware of. ;-) Too much, eh?!

Swathy said...

@ Swaram: hahaha:)
thank god it is nt just me!

@ Vittal: I know.. Lesson learnt the hard way!!
But the funny thing was I read 3 as 6 a i could see it from a distance..
but ankhe dhoka khya gayi! :P

Reflections said...

LOL...even I bet like this with the husband but NEVER about cars;-D

Live2cherish said...

funny and yet realistic.