Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Question and Answer - A quick bite

Question: What happens when Swathy makes an effort of making a less oil, low calorie lunch version of lemon rice & curd rice for herself before adding nuts and tadka for Aj's lunch because he believes in "dignity of food**" ?

Answer: After so much care taken, Swathy opens her lunch box hungrily in the lunch break to see cashews and groundnuts with a aroma of tadka oil wafting in her lemon & curd rice and almost faints! :/

The stupid boxes got exchanged!!

Result : 2 hungry/ angry people! :/ ;)

** for the un-jaan and un-known, dignity of food is an act where a particular food should be cooked the way it is supposed to be with due respect to not alter it into a modified low fat/ low calorie version. In simple words,keep it as original - oil,nuts and any fatty ,high calorie stuff included where required.


Swaram said...

LOL :)) Happened with me too ;)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

He is like me! Yipee...

Reflections said...

Oooopsidooo Ah well atleast u got the better end of it;-D!!!

Happens with me also when I keep the wrong box in the wrong school bag.

The kids are so mad at me and come back home and give me a dose. But when I ask for the dabbas its empty. It seems like they eat from the correct dabbas while they discuss how to tell mama off;-D

AJai said...

he he... i would have freaked out!

Swathy said...

@ Swaram: really, haha.. what was su's reaction?
@ vittal: really, I am making a hit-list of the kind!
good u told me! ;) hehe..
@ reflections: I know,felt so guilty after eating it!
Kids love catching thier otherwise " always-right" mums at such rare occassions! hehe..
@ ajai: I was too! trust me!!