Friday, 16 October 2009

quick bite

A quick bite is a kind of kick I have decided to give myself to keep blog spirit live .Something, short, quick and spontaneous.First one of them:


After all the random kitchen chores post dinner,I decided it was time to call it a day(rather night) and get some sleep. Going towards the bedroom,my thought bubble at this instance "oh, it is weekend ,tomorrow - colour dress!***" :)
While the actual thought bubble should have been "Oh, it is weekend, it is CASUAL WEAR tomorrow"!!! :P
*** While in school,we used to be allowed to wear any dress we want on the last working day of the week which was called colour dress as it was not the normal uniform.haha!
I wondered how this phrase came to my mind after so many years,smiled and went off to sleep.

P.S: Picture: I clicked this at HongKong during our stopover. Nothing Spectacular but it seemed to me that the man made concrete jungle was trying its level best at competing with the natural set out.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A long story - Part 1 -Chat

Another lazy day of her college vacations. A late breakfast of maggi noodles with loads of water, she ignores the usual ranting of her mum about how she should not be eating this and have a more healthier breakfast.

Gulping through the last bit of Maggi and a quick shower later, she sat in front of her computer.

Checked her mails, had nothing interesting except one of 2 mails from her friends wishing her happy valentines! That cheered her up a bit and then she went on to write a few e-mails to her friends .

A hello here, a hug there, She really dint have much to write about. Sigh! She thought as her eyes fell on the ‘shortcut to a local chat room’. ‘When did this come?’ she wondered and then thought it must have been her neighbor who had been in to fix the system a week ago. Grumbling about that guy loading things on without asking ,she went back to her e-mails.Stifling a yawn, she again noticed the chat room link.’ Well, should I enter?’ a voice in her head spoke.Having heard a million stories from her friends about all sorts of weirdoes’, she had never ventured into this.But curiosity soon won and she decided she will log in and at the first instance of imbecility from anyone,she would log off.Another thing,she reminded herself “ I won’t reveal anything about me”.

She clicked on the link and waited for the chat windows to show up.After Initial logging in as ‘S’ and no more information she saw a few pop ups from other chat room users.

First one shamelessly asked for age and sex even before a hi. She cancelled and blocked him off. Her instinct told it has to be a him. ‘Idiot’ she mumbled till another few similar chat requests came. She religiously blocked them off deciding she had quite enough.

The cursor almost reached the cross on the right end top corner when a request came in saying “Hi there, how are you? How s your day?”

She gasped and contemplated whether to ignore or chat. ‘Not one, but this person is chatting just as she wanted to chat, But may be this is some sort of smart pervert with a decent mask’ she thought when another line popped up “Hello, you there, I thought we were here for a chat”.

“Well, 2 whole sentences and not one sign of asking age and gender, here I reply” she thought as she wrote “hi there, I am fine. How are you?”

…. To be continued.

Monday, 5 October 2009

Ganesh (contd)

As I mentioned in my previous post, our trip home was every moment worth it.And this time I got an opportunity to meet new people (both extended family and otherwise).

Aj’s native place Honnavar is an abode of nature at its best and most affectionate people, that I could not help but fall in love with this small town . Resting along the Arabian sea on one side and huge green mountains bordering it from the other side, this place has still managed to be pollution free and almost calm inspite of NH17 cutting right across. We stayed there for 5 days and I learnt, admired, enjoyed countless tiny moments and knew...My first Ganesh festival with my husband’s family is going to be memorable for my whole life to come.

We went to get our ‘Ganesh’ a very cute one, I must say sitting royally over a ‘shankha’(conch shell) (see the picture above).And while we were there- I, for the first time in my life had a glimpse at the life of people who have dedicated their lives to making these idols year after year. As I entered their house cum studio, there was an enormous sea of Ganesh idols(picture 2).each one different from the other, every expression beautifully drawn and some incomplete with the master himself giving finishing touches and make these idols come alive, well… almost.

Probably no words or pictures can completly appreciate the creative work of these people ,But nevertheless, I am just posting a few frozen moments .Hope you will like it.:)

This post is dedicated to those talented people I am sure, exist in countless un-known town and villages all over our country.

Well, Another Important thing is Swaram has been kind enought to award me with my very first blog award(s).
I ve added them to my page and Thank you so much for them.
This appreciation means a lot to me. :) :)
Till next time,