Wednesday, 25 November 2009

four on eight!

Just on time, when I was getting a bit saturated .. Nancy here has tagged me!
To write 8 things on each topic is quite an effort, But I shall try my best..
here it comes :

8 TV shows I like to watch: (not in any particular order)
I should say 8 TV shows we jointly agree to watch ...
1.Two and half men
3.Any good documentary on SBS channel.
4.World news Australia
6.Better homes and gardens
7.Any animation movie played on TV, ANY!!
8.I think I don't have a 8 the fav. show... Basically TV here sucks!! :( so these are the only ones qualified to be 'watchable.

8 favourite places to eat
again I am impartial to all these- love them all equally
1.Of,course home 1- love my granny's meals anytime.
2. home 2- whatever my Mother in law cooks especially chicken!
3.home 3 - love aj's lamb curry and sausage scrambles! slurp!!
4.Namaskar India (our regular hang-out place) love the food and prices ;)
5.Nandos - espeically the quarter chicken meals.. yumm!!
6.Nandini in Bangalore (loved the banana leaf meals)
7.Dollops in Manipal.. The countless times we ate here as students running away from mess food- thier veg steam rice is a master peice.
8.Pabbas in Mangalore - the best ice cream parlour ever. If you ever go to Mangalore and dont eat ice-cream at Pabbas, your trip is incomplete..*can I hear all mangaloreans say YES!

8 things I look forward to
1. Going to India and meeting everyone I love without a time bomb ticking away which means I have only limited time for each one! :(
2. Christmas break - no vacations planned this time, But all I want to do is relax .
3. Reading Dan brown 's latest book
4. Baking/ experiments with baking
5. Loosing weight, Should say more weight
6. Regular work out to ensure point 5 happens
7. Long, nice beautiful nails. ;)
8. Finishing my deadlines in office well before Christmas break or else I ll end up thinking about it all time.

8 things that happened yesterday
1. I got the 8.04 train, though I reached the station late because the train was running late..huhuuuuu!
2. My dearest friend A called from India and we spoke after really really long time
3. Laughed at the antics of a 6 year old sitting in front of me in the train ans she enjoying the attention, did more of it! :P
4. The day began with chilly weather and ended with scorching heat! :( damn, I had to carry my coat back in the bag, making it look like I was carrying a small animal :/
5. 6 of us had a major discussion via phone and e-mails to go bowling tomorrow. (yay!)
6. went to the gym for aerobics class and was surprised to see that the instructor was a substitute and she is a colleague's friend - we had earlier met at office parties, so I worked extra hard ! :P
7. I got a reminder from the electricity company about a un-paid bill which I have already paid! :(
8. Aj got a call and I was surprised to see him talking for so long, As i could not figure out who it was.Later found it was a survey about state schools!!
er... WHAT! we have not attended school here neither know someone so close who does! :D

This was real hard! more to come later..Cannot finish the tag at one go..


Swaram said...

I love love Pabba's too :) Feel like having ice-cream nw :P

Swaram said...

Wow bowling! Have fun :)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Ah! Nice to know you a little better now. But I see that every chance you get to write about your aspirations you definitely write about being back with your loved ones in India (and that is nice). :D Cheers.

Swathy said...

@ Swaram: Did you eat at pabbas? hmmm, dekha humare paas pabbas hey! :P
Bowling, I did an amazing low score and managed to keep my name in this aspect! ;)
had fun!!

@ vittal: I know,I noticed that too..
Writing tags can give one a nice look at one's own mind and thoughts! isint it? :)

Vittaldas Prabhu said...

You bet. :-)
But it is a nice and not-so-nice feeling too.

gampss said...

Good one mate!! very good one!!!