Tuesday, 29 July 2008

deeply hurt!!

Here s a silent prayer..

To all of you gone..

just another shoulder

To all those hurt..

No more words..

No expression...

Just wishing this never happened!!!

Issue: Series of bomb blasts in Bangalore & Ahmedabad..

Friday, 18 July 2008

FRIENDS - season 2

As most of us, I was introduced to ORKUT through a friend with this message :
"U can meet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll your old friends there!!!"
I was SUPER-thrilled.
Anyway, I used to spend lots of time G-talking then with my husband(Then "fiancee^" Just loved to utter this word at a given chance.."Oh!! This is my ‘Fiancee^’ s picture".. or.." My ‘Fiancee’^ sent this".. now he is just my seedha saadha simple sa "Husband"!! mostly called as AJ... anyway...)
I decided to explore this 'Orkut'..
In my head I had pictured a MEGA information centre where I ll just type some details and get in touch with alllllllllllllllll those I want..(DUH!!!)
Anyway, with Online help from Aj i managed to open an account!!
believe me.. I was thoroughly disappointed..
Just found the friend who had given me "orkut ka gyan"
and another one..
Aj was amused on the other side seeing my disappointment through the web cam..
he had around 50 friends then.
Thus began my journey in orkut..
As weeks passed by I got this "Bhoot" into me about having more friends...
We (Aj n me) even had a mad (SAD) competition about who ll reach a target of 100 friends..(what was I thinking then?? I cant imagine...)
colleagues, my classmates from uni, hostel friends, juniors, neighbours, cousins..
went on adding up....
As time passed by, Aj gave up this silly contest..(he was married to me now.. dint have to do all these stupid things to do my “dil rakna”!! ;) )
By now I was an expert in tracking down old friends(This was the main reason I was here after all..)
But soon I learnt lots of things:
1) As we finish a phase of life(lets say primary school to high school to under graduation college to uni to post uni..) we Move ON..
2)If we are really close to someone(like in my case my Best friend from school) we don't need orkut to be in touch.. we never loose touch!!
3) It hard to be a close friend with that person who might have been very close to you at some point of life..
I mean there are few people whom I really worked very hard to track down..
Googled all possible names, pet names(then!!), 2 Nd names.. places I assumed they must have gone to study, college, uni groups what not! and somehow found them..
scrapped them with delight..
one of them I remember, scrapped after 3 months..
I initially thought she may be the kind(like my best friend) who comes online once in a blue moon..
But NO!! the lady showed all signs of orkutting regularly (I know Its bad to have a peek into other s scraps.. But I was so excited to catch her FINALLY!! that I had to do some investigation..) But she dint feel the importance that I had felt about being in touch all over again..
After all that I got a feeble reply to my "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..... How are you?
Goodness I hunted everywhere for you after we lost touch from school times..
Did u join medicine as you always wanted? blah blah blah!!"
with a short and sweet(???!!) " I am fine. How are you?"
Still giving a benefit of doubt I wrote another excited vala scrap..
noooooo reply!!
Finally I got the message..
“She has Moved on”....
I was in utter depts of sadness that day!!
Heart Broken..Well.. I guess as time went by the whole thrill of “orkut” just weared off..
So many old friends were found ,so many were lost again… but it dint matter now..
Now “orkut” s Just another place where I keep in touch with some “good friends” who do scrap me regularly ,so what if it is once in 2 months!!
That s perfectly all right!!
So if any friend of mine have not found me over-excited about finally meeting you in ORKUT.. Now u know the reason why..
It s much better for me to remember you as “My-good-old-friend-from-those-days” than that person who does not think of me as a “good friend” now!!
Though I d really love to be constantly in touch with you hence forth..
remember that s why I am in "ORKUT"!!!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Mile stones

5 th std:

changed school

new faces

random shift

travel to school

crossing the bridge

to city across

7th Std :

dance competition

team is being selected

a heart s broken

(seating) places changed

next to a stranger then

now a friend for life

10 th std:


mood swings

confused or worried???

had learnt to 'learn'

dreamt of future

of buildings n design

12th std:

exams and preparation

tight schedules

bitten nails over results

pain of farewell

a tear shed

soon to be forgotten

Under garduation:

hostel life

unbearable to live

later unbearable to leave..

project submitted

at the college gate

stood young architects

working life:


an interview given

routine starts


ssite visits

movies at night




married to a friend

new country

new job

the same old me...