Monday, 17 November 2008


Hi there!! Finally ...huffing and puffing I managed to hit a 25 no blog record!! 25 is such a beautiful number.. * tara rum pum pum... I am 25, my blog s 25... oh,it s so magical!! ok..ok.. Before I begin a weird jingle..let me write a special blog.. This blog is to celebrate and relish the days I spent back home in India!! the 5 weeks were just bliss full!! too beautiful.. A few glimpses as they say pictures speak more than words!!

Navratri- This is such a beautiful part of my Dasara vacations memory since childhood.I used to wait for those nine days of celebrations ;the procession of goddess Sharada is the best past of this. I had the opportunity of enjoying this colourful celebrations.

Folk dances, traditional costumes and music are always an integral part of these celebrations.Some pictures of the same:

Some random snaps of my visit this time to Ajay s native place - Honnavar in North Canara district.
The wonderful atmosphere, the scenic views were breathtaking!!

But the most important time of my trip was deepavali..The lamps,lights,fire-works .... Enjoyed every moment of it..

Can you believe the last picture is actually a fluck picture of fireworks show at Malpe beach in Udupi?
Till I get to write something more..buh bye....
(lets hope I ll get something interesting to write by then...)

Friday, 14 November 2008

Laga blog ko tag..

So Sayesha has tagged people who havent written a blog since a month!!

Here I am writing *head bent in shame

Rules are simple: Put your Music player[Mp3/i-pod whatever] in suffle mode.Now play the first song and jolt it as an answer to first question.The next song is answer to the next question and so on..

write the answers here and tag someone as you finsih this post!!

easy ..isint it?

These are my answers below:

1. If someone says "Is this okay?", you say: I never liked you even when I tried to - Rouge Traders (What an answer to tell!! pehle hi sawaal me..... thenga!!heaheahehahaha)

2. What would best describe your personality? Saiyanji baiyaan chuda ke nahi jana.. - Masti [What - a 'satellite' around Ajay!!!! Now who the hell loaded this song in my I-pod??* kick myself royally - sheesh!!]

3. What do you like in a guy? yendu kanda kanasu adu ninna manasu ninna manasigagi sote..Roughly translated as: I dreamt sometime about your mind and I have fallen for it now... ugh! I am not good at poetic interpretation...someone..please do the honours.. [Wow.. its true!! I love brains then brawns anytime...]

4. How do you feel today? Karle Pyar oh yaara.. [eeessshhh!!! warning:seriously dont do this tag unless u ve checked all songs in your player..]

5. What is your life's purpose? Bolo na kya hua, Humko yeh kya hua,hui aise bat kya.. bolo bolo na.. [hahaha,I should change my profession from construction to counselling!! thanks oh! ipod for showing me the way!!]

6. What do your friends think of you? Jub chandani badakar ratoon pe chati hai..Teri yaad aati hai -AdnanSami [Ya, only my friends know I am a werewolf.. and they thank thier stars that I am not with them..]

7. What do you think of your parents? Teri yaad satandi-neend nai ande.. -sajjad ali

8. What do you think about very often? race hai sansoon ki.. race hai chahat ki.. my heart is racing more.. hahaha...ROFL!! I myself dint know my deep inner thoughts were this cheesy!!...hahaha

9. What is 2+2? suniye jara suniye ek ruppiaya hoga aap humari madat kare to acha hoga [dont ask me how.. how should I know.. I am just rolling on the floor listening to the answer...hahahahaha]

9. What do you think of your best friend? Koi sache kwaab dikhakar ..ankhoon me sama jata hai..Yeh rishta kya kehlata hai

10. What do you think of the person you like? Jeevein Buliliyan pe ake fariyad nahi jandi.. dil toota chali jave..

11. What is your life story? Wadde Waddenu ghumake rakhade din wich tareen dikha ke rakhade (absolutly no comments!!)

12. What do you want to be when you grow up? sapne sapne hona zaroori hai kache pakke adhe pure [god!cant I give one normal answer..! philosophical .. dream BIG]

13. What do you think of when you see the person you like? Dont be shy.. [yes darling,I am talking to you.. ;) ]

14. What do your parents think of you? anisutide yakoon indu neenene nannavalendu mayada lokadinda nanagagi bandavalendu [ I am feeling somehow that you belong to me!! U have come from the magical world especially for me]awwww.. how sweet!! I know u ppl pamper me a lot, but to this extent!!

15. What will you dance to at your wedding? Lets dance in style lets dance for a while;hoping for the best but expecting the worst...Forever young!! [ perfecto!! except we would have had to indianise this... dandiya re-mix anyone??!!]

16. What will they play at your funeral? Jindagi idhar to aaaa.. kuch kahaniyaan suna..dasataan..woh suna.. me jinme dhoondu chehra tera..zindagi aare aare ..-Dus kahaniyaan [excuse me... I asked for a song, not my jeevan dastaan..]

17. What is your hobby/interest? Home is waiting.. My heart is..take me home.. take me h o m e [going home is my hobby- curently~~In a way.. true..]

18. What is your biggest secret? A smell of your skin lingers on me now...-Big gurls dont cry.. [hmmm.. yup.. I dont cry much as I used please keep this a secret ok..]

19. What do you think of your friends? Jane kya hua mujhko kya kahoon..khoya khoya sa rehta hoon raat din..

20. What should you post this as? 1 2 3 1 2 3 . duniyan me aana hai free duniyaan se jana hai free.. [aur yeh post .. likna free..padna free..comments bhi to dena free..123 123]

What do you think about this tag? Rang hai rang hai rang hi sang he..rang aaj rang laye re...

That s all folks!!

Now I tag avi [ u r first blog after your exams] ,

shweta[have i spelt your name right lady?], and................................

anuthama[its ages since you ve written]

Have a great time!! buh bye..

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Flash news:where did what i wrote earlier go?

I wonder where all that I wrote went!!


I hate when this happens..

anyway,I ll be back soon..(If anyone reads this...)

home..... I am coming!

Post blog Note: meri ek choti si cheez kho hayi thi:[I had something small] - my lost blog!!
Found it!! Guess where :In drafts* a self-kick!!
the lost blog put me into so much sadness that I quit writing all the while i was at home!!
Bus itna hi bolna tha..[I had say just this]
read ahead!!

Time: 6.20 AM Singapore time

Place : changi airport

Event: swathy s first ever solo trip by flight!

flash news: she felt she s seen Bhai around!!

where you there? in red/black shirt????!!

by any chance..

or it could be lack of sleep


loads to fil in..

par dhire dhire!!

see you and


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Final Count down! - a guest('s )mail

I opened my Gmail at 11.00 AM last morning and started giggling, Not that it was funny, but I have a funny way to respond to the un-expected..
I immediately called the person, and asked if I could blog it down. Just for my records..
So we settled on an agreement that I am allowed to..who wants to be in trouble later, hence I took the precautions..

Time:10.40 AM
Date: 16 th September
Subject:The count down begins!!!

1. Anu's flight "Boeing 777-300" has gone for final inspection. (16/09/08- 18/09/08)
2. It Will start its test flying on 19/09/2008 (extended to 20-21 st )
3. will go for final cleaning and fixing things which they might find during test flying.(22/09/2008- 24/09/2008)
4. Plane will remain in the shed on 25 th and 27 th for engineers to sign n get the approval for the flight to fly on 27/09/08 early morning.

and then the last point..
I am sorry(x-\), but had to interrupt the flow..this was where I was c- struck!
what s C??? find out!and read this in the same tone and speed a commentator would use when a football player s about to hit a goal!!

5. 26/09/08-anu finished the final inspection of bags n then organises her stuffs gets ready to sit in the Multi million $$$ car(?) ,Winner of road safety award 2007 winner of best looks 2004, 2005, 2006,2007, 2008.(??) Winner of best performing car in 2006,2007(???!!!!!huh!)..... n gets in to the car.. n reaches the T****** airport.. n the airport officers gets ready to salute 'THE MAZDA3' (what!!!!!)
n then she leaves to india on 27 th early morning.

Thanks and Regards, (???!!! for what!eh?)
Ajay (now you know who wrote this!!)

All this is cause I am going "home"-my home in another whatever days!!
and hence this mail!!

huh!men!! car ,plane- look how much details they know!
All I know is the officers dint salute me!! :(
no wonder "men are from mars" !!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Wish -Fairy

My granny always says" never curse or speak the forbidden,there are angels all around you who just waits to say "tatastu(meaning "wish granted!")" and bham! what u said might come true!"

Though this was mainly told to us for the following reasons :a) to never think any ill of anyone/anything.

b) to bring in that "be-positive" attitude in us (I still remember avoiding the thought /fear of low marks in maths, In case "wish-fairy"heard it!! and ultimately learnt to face the situation,not fear it..)

But now,I really really wish ...that "wish fairy"is staring hard into the screen to read what I am writing just to say "Tatastu"

(Warning:this is apart from the usual do good to all and keep everyone happy wish,all right!cause I ask for it every moment I think about it..My list is about what I would ask if I had to be specific right now..without any attachments/situation s created!On-The-Spot!!)

Dear wish fairy(:D )

This are my few wishes I want to do/have granted:

1)I want to study further and do my masters.Of course,In relation to my own field, but subjects not yet decided!!(why???- read point 2)

2)I want to teach in architecture school at some point of my life-part time,casual,full time,anything!

But wanna teach and I am greatly inspired to do this by one of my lecturers in Graduation who had told -the fulfillment of any profession is only when u teach/impart yourknowledge to someone else.

Now to teach Architecture,Masters is mandatory(read point 1-if forgotten) which is an added bonus so I can aim at 2 things..learn, and later teach.

3)I wanna learn "normal-simple"swimming,the process of which has started hundred thousand years ago(ok,ok,I plunged into pool around 6 years ago, last time being 3 years ago..)and want to swim without having "have to breath" as an incentive :\ when I cover the breadth of the pool!(for people who don't know,I hold my breath and swim, I still have not learnt to bob my head up while swimming to breath)

4) I want to visit at least 7 countries before I die.(now don't count the transit at singapore/bankok/Kaulalampur..ok..Its counted only if I enter,visit, see and learn something..)

of course,since I am here, Still 6 more to go..

5)I wanna learn some dance.. not the Bhingri(mad dance) but something more organised one..

I have no major choice in this..for now anything simple(graceful) dance form existing on the earth s face(read as easily around me)will do..

bus!ab keliye it na hi..[that s all for now]

Did I just hear "TATASTU"???!?!!

Okay,now u have read this..(no way,U r trapped, U cant run away.closing eyes/this page.. wont help too!!.)wish fairy wants 5 more wishes from you in your blog!![on the spot]

She s ok if you don't have a blog, just write it in the comments for this post..

with this Tag..

me off..


P.S:Thanks for the wish fairy images I got through google s so pretty. :)

Monday, 8 September 2008


You should know you are going to be down with this weird” fever when you refuse to take off your scarf and coat the whole day ; Even though you break into a thin sweat at the end of this... (In spite of all your colleagues sitting with heaters off; looking out of the window and enjoying the beautiful spring skies and the pleasant climate and probably sneering at your pathetic state.) :(

And your should know that you may be down with “this weird” fever when even the most noisiest of songs like for instance.. Some re-visited, re-vitalized [?!!] and many more re s kind of re-mix song blaring from your IPod just makes you YAWN to glory!![Hmmmmmm] :O

And you can be double assured you have no chance of escaping the wrath of this terrible fever If you are just trying to clean up your desk during which you neatly pile up 2 sets of look-alike documents into one set only to realize it should have been left in its earlier 2 set state and automatically the tiny voice in your head goes “OH, Control –Z” * :\

Sheesh! And to think it aloud!![Double sheesh!!]...what was I thinking? Is it some sort of spell or something to be uttered khule am, public ke samne... well done s done.. what can be done?
Hmmmmm... All thanks to my weekly occurring... “I-Hate-Mondays " fever!!

*control z is the undo command

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Right Direction or is it the Left direction?

I am sitting here self tagging myself:being pretty new to blogging world..I ve read many of them tagging each other..In fact. Bhai had tagged once and I had come up with this in less than 10 minutes after reading..Courtesy:Point 1 .
Well, these are 2 extremely Quirky Facts about me:
1) Directions:I ve this wonderful/weird sense of direction. Take me anywhere, even into the biggest maze of all..I ll take you back to where we started from without fail,majority of times..Most of the times its an instinct or some sort of “another personality”which seems to do the work right..
There has been times when I visit a friend in her home city where she s lived all her life with me visiting for the 1 st time and and I end up safely escort ourselves out of the busy shopping area onto an auto/bus to reach her home.
I know we are (or supposed to be) good at reading maps in the field I am currently in..But I was(am) like this since I remember..All my life..
Read the next point and you ll know Why I wrote this lamba-chauda essay like thingie..
2) While this whole finding right road/track s going on..never ever ask me Left or right!! Cause till then I ll be the blessed one,the leader, the one with directions(blah,blah,blah..) and you ll suddenly find an extremely confused me looking like I ve been stunned by some stuttering spell or probably hit with a “tongue tying”jinx… Cause I ll be looking at both my hands..shaking my head and well.. “to cut the long story short”it takes me a minimum of 10 seconds to figure out which is left and which is right.. I always direct auto drivers with a poke on their back when they have to turn left or right.. I don’t ever utter the “l/r”word while I am directing Ajay as well on the Melbourne roads.He is in fact well trained himself to look (from the corner of his eyes)at my hands waving frantically in air towards the direction he has to turn.
Isn't this weird, that I am these 2 extreme qualities which juxtapose each other??!!!
U tell me If you have any such anti-to-each-other-qualities..
But I am seriously tagging Rakesh/ avin.. (please ah!! Kuch likna..)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Friday, 29 August 2008

I for..

Since S my little sis..(for more info.. read.. this )
and me have a massive 6 year age gap..
this has prooven to be good to my "gundi"sort of instincts.. since childhood.
Plus being older than her by 6 years has also given me this advantage of remembering lots of cute little s-stories..
here s presenting one of them:( my favourite one..)
This happened when S s about to begin school..
As the akka(elder sister) and that too.. an ultra grown up sis( 8-9 year old) I am the tutor..
Akka: A for?

A: B for?
S: BAT..(a lil louder than last time)

A:C for?
S: CAT!!! ( her confidence ten times more now!!)
and this goes on.. with her voice getting louder and stronger over DOG,ELEPANT(ya, ELELPANT!!),FISH,EGG.. until..

A: I FOR?( Even I am yelling out to cope up with my enthu batani disciple aka S!!)
S: (silence)

A( A lil shocked!!): I forrrrrrrrr?
S: ingadapot..
me/a:huh!!!!!(shell socked...) :?

S, I hope u remember this.. If not..I do..
Ms. I for Ink.. er.. sorry "the other pot"!!*(u see Ingada/vingada means other!!)
love you my always-lil-baby!!

P.S:this is my 3 rd blog in a day!!
2 more to come soon..

R,S,A and Me...

I have been scrapping my cousin/neighbour/child hood friend R for quite some time now..after a looong loong break..
As usual our long lost correspondence begins with loads of hypothetical swords, knifes hurled at each other..with buckets of sarcasm pouring out of each scrap that a I- always- bother -reading -and-following-others-scrap chat kinds(lets call them IAB s henceforth.. these characters can keep popping up like devaki mausi/kamini chachi old DD serials..anyway)will be betting on a duelling match when we come face to face next.. n will surely make a mental note to witness this ..
But the actual fact is that that s our pyar jatane ka ishtyle..
And the fact that I was a "horrible bullying badi behan" for my little sister s & the 2 younger-to-me cousins R & A probably has resulted into making them the tough(ahem!) strong(ahem, ahem!!)
and the sophisticated(oh, my god, jyada bol diya.. oy.. ghadon.. zameen pe utro.. bada chada ke bolna meri bachpan ki aadat he.. pata hai na??!!)ladies (whatever!)they are today..
The insults hurling across the continents through ORKUT suddenly mellowed the day we got the news that the youngest of our bunch.. the serious,intellectual A s leaving for her university course far away from home to a bigger city..
As my sis S told this over phone, I could feel a lump down my throat and her s too..(S studies in the nearby city and hence lucky[?!!] to be a day scholar..)
Though it was me who left home for studies for long 5 years with occasional twice a month visits and R followed me to do her studies.. we dint feel this sad..
naaaa... As tears filled my eyes, I scrapped R about how I felt..
Pat came the reply saying.." this was exactly how S,R & A felt when I left..Did u know..?"
I missed you so much guys..(er.. gals..)then..
felt like just coming down and giving one of those massive foursome hug we used to do at times..
We started writing about us.. remembering things from our childhood..
and I thought here I have sooo much to write..
Anyway.. here s to my first n the best gurl gang!!(** clinck!! champagne[read as mango juice] in dainty delicate flute glasses.**clank clang ..... smashed..oops!!kya kare.. hume sirf inne hi sofheshticated hai beheno..!! )
love you sweeties.. more to write about us.. soon..
Before leaving ..
Dear A, this is a huge leap in your life..
Go for it gal!!

OOPS I did it again!!

No way, this isint about britney..
After falling "blog"sleep and waking up..Courtsey:Bhai
I was back in action and again started returning or rather showed symptoms of returning to Hibernation!! Shook myself up.. a la "F-I-S-H-Y !!! W-A-K-E U-P" *
:I am still slow.. In face di has been sweet enough to write a comment asking about new posts..and that has been very encouraging! :)
thanks di!!
now what s happening to my posts?
well..I write these 2 blogs..mentally, train me bhaite baite..,
kitchen me khade khade...
come back n jolt it down..into my blog..stop when I am interrupted with something else..
somehow at the end of it, though it says draft s saving...
I close.
Next the blog to edit.. and voila!!
its not there..
just the first 3 lines of one and nothing excpet the title in the other smile sadly n madly at me!!
Ab tak do blog chapna chahiye tha.. aur ab tak kuch nahi..
Somehow Blogistan seems to have put an expiry date on my drafts..
So now I am writing it in word, then gonna copy it into blog only when I am done..
Over n out..
*Now watch this horrible scene where the dentist s neice tortures Nemo..
P.S. Bhai.. Humne gyan prapt kar liya... ;)Par is vedio me embeding diabled hai.. to..
click on this link..for the vedio..

Friday, 1 August 2008

Friends-Season 3

Dear Friend..

Remember those days when U might have given/recieved friendship card on this day-the 1 st of August!

I ve recieved some from u.. I remember..May have given you some too..May be we never celebrated friendship day at all...

U ve been there for me always..In different ways..during different times..

When in school,

u ve shared your lunch box with me..

helped me finish my incomplete home-work just before the teacher came in..

Prompted me with answer from the corner of your mouth when I got caught day-dreaming..

lent me your umbrella a dozen times when I d forgotten mine..

Taught me math which I simply was hopeless at,encouraged me during exams..

As teenegers..

U giggled at all my silly jokes and told me a few too..

U were my fashion critic..

U knew my secrets and the not-so secret one

remember oogling over ganguly/dravid/sharukh/akshay.. n those fights about them..

U consoled me like no-one else could when I would feel the world s against me..

U taught me values..U learnt some from me..

studying in Uni...Living in hostel..together..

All day long..all evening s together..

We shared loads of stuff..

Remeber lending me your accessories even before I mentioned..

We used to sit chatting late at night out in the cold corridoors with a hot cup of tea and chips..

Remember coming to wake me up and then coming all ready to go to college only to find me not yet ready.. and trying to finish my chores for me..

U always got me breakfast and lunch to room when I was down with fever or the ever-terrorising migranes..

U ve always cheered me at my success during exams irrespective how you fared...

U used to walk with me for kilomtres together just to give me company..

U knew each of my moods,U knew how to deal with my tantrums and attention-seeking demands..

when I joined Work...

U accepted me as one of u..

Always helped me get over the fear whether I ll fit in this place or not..

Sat waiting for me to finish that urgent peice of work even though you were getting late..

Remember those thousand pick-up s and drops you gave me..

Teased me.. mocked at me.. tortured me at times..

but still Loved me the most...

may be I never met you anywhere in the above mentioned ways..

U could be that cousin who was more a friend,less a cousin..

U are my sibling with whom I share a special bond..


U accepted me as your soul-mate..

stood like a rock beside me taking all my pain as yours..

trusted me like no-one else did..

U love me each day like never before..

May be we are still in touch.. May be we still see each other everyday..

May be its more than a year since we met..

U might have scrapped or mailed me a few days back..

or it is possible we ve just lost each other in this crowd!!

But one thing has always been true...

U were always there..

U are still there..

Thank you so much!!

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

deeply hurt!!

Here s a silent prayer..

To all of you gone..

just another shoulder

To all those hurt..

No more words..

No expression...

Just wishing this never happened!!!

Issue: Series of bomb blasts in Bangalore & Ahmedabad..

Friday, 18 July 2008

FRIENDS - season 2

As most of us, I was introduced to ORKUT through a friend with this message :
"U can meet aaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllll your old friends there!!!"
I was SUPER-thrilled.
Anyway, I used to spend lots of time G-talking then with my husband(Then "fiancee^" Just loved to utter this word at a given chance.."Oh!! This is my ‘Fiancee^’ s picture".. or.." My ‘Fiancee’^ sent this".. now he is just my seedha saadha simple sa "Husband"!! mostly called as AJ... anyway...)
I decided to explore this 'Orkut'..
In my head I had pictured a MEGA information centre where I ll just type some details and get in touch with alllllllllllllllll those I want..(DUH!!!)
Anyway, with Online help from Aj i managed to open an account!!
believe me.. I was thoroughly disappointed..
Just found the friend who had given me "orkut ka gyan"
and another one..
Aj was amused on the other side seeing my disappointment through the web cam..
he had around 50 friends then.
Thus began my journey in orkut..
As weeks passed by I got this "Bhoot" into me about having more friends...
We (Aj n me) even had a mad (SAD) competition about who ll reach a target of 100 friends..(what was I thinking then?? I cant imagine...)
colleagues, my classmates from uni, hostel friends, juniors, neighbours, cousins..
went on adding up....
As time passed by, Aj gave up this silly contest..(he was married to me now.. dint have to do all these stupid things to do my “dil rakna”!! ;) )
By now I was an expert in tracking down old friends(This was the main reason I was here after all..)
But soon I learnt lots of things:
1) As we finish a phase of life(lets say primary school to high school to under graduation college to uni to post uni..) we Move ON..
2)If we are really close to someone(like in my case my Best friend from school) we don't need orkut to be in touch.. we never loose touch!!
3) It hard to be a close friend with that person who might have been very close to you at some point of life..
I mean there are few people whom I really worked very hard to track down..
Googled all possible names, pet names(then!!), 2 Nd names.. places I assumed they must have gone to study, college, uni groups what not! and somehow found them..
scrapped them with delight..
one of them I remember, scrapped after 3 months..
I initially thought she may be the kind(like my best friend) who comes online once in a blue moon..
But NO!! the lady showed all signs of orkutting regularly (I know Its bad to have a peek into other s scraps.. But I was so excited to catch her FINALLY!! that I had to do some investigation..) But she dint feel the importance that I had felt about being in touch all over again..
After all that I got a feeble reply to my "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII..... How are you?
Goodness I hunted everywhere for you after we lost touch from school times..
Did u join medicine as you always wanted? blah blah blah!!"
with a short and sweet(???!!) " I am fine. How are you?"
Still giving a benefit of doubt I wrote another excited vala scrap..
noooooo reply!!
Finally I got the message..
“She has Moved on”....
I was in utter depts of sadness that day!!
Heart Broken..Well.. I guess as time went by the whole thrill of “orkut” just weared off..
So many old friends were found ,so many were lost again… but it dint matter now..
Now “orkut” s Just another place where I keep in touch with some “good friends” who do scrap me regularly ,so what if it is once in 2 months!!
That s perfectly all right!!
So if any friend of mine have not found me over-excited about finally meeting you in ORKUT.. Now u know the reason why..
It s much better for me to remember you as “My-good-old-friend-from-those-days” than that person who does not think of me as a “good friend” now!!
Though I d really love to be constantly in touch with you hence forth..
remember that s why I am in "ORKUT"!!!

Monday, 14 July 2008

Mile stones

5 th std:

changed school

new faces

random shift

travel to school

crossing the bridge

to city across

7th Std :

dance competition

team is being selected

a heart s broken

(seating) places changed

next to a stranger then

now a friend for life

10 th std:


mood swings

confused or worried???

had learnt to 'learn'

dreamt of future

of buildings n design

12th std:

exams and preparation

tight schedules

bitten nails over results

pain of farewell

a tear shed

soon to be forgotten

Under garduation:

hostel life

unbearable to live

later unbearable to leave..

project submitted

at the college gate

stood young architects

working life:


an interview given

routine starts


ssite visits

movies at night




married to a friend

new country

new job

the same old me...

Monday, 30 June 2008


Since 17 months of my stay here in my "new home".. I ve evolved from "Home-sick!!" stage to worsen to "I -desperately-need- to- go-home" stage to the current " I- am -kinda-OK- here"stage much to Ajay's utmost relief I suppose........( for information:Ajay insists on being called with the right pronunciation after 3 years of having a cut-short "Aj" for a name!! am I not glad?!!! Though it seems most of his Aussie acquaintances have managed to call him AAA-j still.. worth his efforts I feel!!)Anyway.. Before I start writing about this name thing...Let me come back to my original topic which has been drafted mentally long since my blog came into life again...
May be all the things I mention here are not very specific to this country, but since Its my first experience here.. it should be considered ok I am sure..

So PRESENTING THESE-ARE- 5 - OF- MY-FAVOURITE- THINGS (read this in the same tune as the song in "The sound of Music"with due respects)HERE IN AUSSIE LAND ...

The fifth position is taken by "Vegemite"
I know I know..All the non-aussies who ve tasted this will scream in unision "naaaaaaaaahhhhhhiiiiiiiiii"..
Though even I have just the same verdict after tasting this..(YUCK!!!)what amazes me is the sincerity of aussies towards this "unique" & probably one of the few edible things they can say "genuinly Australian" .
Coming from a country of such varied contrasting and countless cuisines..this is something I loved because its so different.

The 4 rth position is definetly held by Christmas in Summer..
Though I hail from coastal India where we hardly have any winters,It is pretty cold n pleasant there during Christmas I am sure..
But to have Christmas holidays during peak summers is like having a part of childhood back..
Eating sugared ice, going to beaches.. hot noons siesta …I re-lived my childhood in those 2 weeks of “summer holidays”

Which brings me to my 3 rd favourite thing here…
The cherries and strawberries in summer..I don’t know why but I love Berries!!
To actually see,eat n enjoy these in peak summer was definetly a blissful experience..

The 2 nd best thing here is actually silly..
When I first saw the all-time pedestrian crossings here in Australia I was amazed!!(These are crossing where all vehicles have to STOP as soon a pedestrian looks like they are going across..)and I was super-thrilled when I saw the one near my office..
The wicked thought of stopping huge trucks n expensive cars is just mind blowing ;)
Victory to pedestrians..

And the best thing I love is FOOTY(Australian football)
It took me the whole last footy season to just realize what this game means..
For an outsider it may look like a cross between rugby and soccer..
But believe me, after a year..
I was watching euro cup soccer n thought to myself.. “ aren’t these people a little too concerned about their clothes?!!!?!!!” check this link n u ll know... :)

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Angles in real life..

Well, as the heading says,I know all of us would have met angels sometime or the other....

It could be one from your own house,friend or even some random stranger.I am speaking of those people who knowingly or unknowingly do just that one small thing for you which u may remember when u read this.

I still remember that day clearly even now.It was just a week since I landed in this strange land which has been my home for the past one year. As Aj was working far off then,he would leave very early in the morning giving me a few errands to run during the day as he would be coming back late.

He even had got me a bank account and I got my new bank card so that i could use it while he s not around.

That fine morning,I left home to go to the post-office to post a few documents As instructed. I decided to encash some money at the Atm nearby and go to the post office.(those were the days when this dim-wit called me did not know I could use my card to swipe and pay.Had i known that I would not have probably written this blog at all. Read more n you ll know why I am telling this.)

I stopped at the Atm n balancing my bag in one hand with all documents,fiddled with my wallet to pull out the card and before I knew it,plonk! I DROPPED THE CARD IN THE RECIEPT BOX!!it just slipped out of my hand and As i watched just fell right inside the reciept box.

Now I hadnt seen this thing my whole life earlier, these small slits just in the bottom of the ATM named as reciepts which are locked!!

And here I was standing like a moron,in a strange place, with no money,no husband nearby(he was busy that day and had left me the message that he ll call me during lunch n this was 9.30!) and my ATM card in the reciept box!!that too please note:it was a unused activated one..)

I was shell-shocked..

looked around..not one kind face..

n there it was.. my eyes filling with tears..


I looked around again and my eyes went on the ATM mechine.

I tried to read this cusotmer helpline number through my tear filled eyes and dialled it.

As soon as I got through the recorded voices and heard a nice human voice "hello"

The dam broke and there I was sobbing n telling this man about my lose card.

He listened patiently and said those angelic words "please dont cry,look we cant get you back that card, but it s only a card,we can send a new one for u.but please dont cry" And to console me further & to probably give me a better start to that bad day, promised me to wave off the charges for the lost one which was my other worry,
(cause I dint have a job then and aj had a small -time job then just started a few days ago.)

I felt consoled by someone i knew,not any stranger.

He might have been just doing his job, but to be so kind with his words and being patient to advice me what to do was really very nice of him.

I could not even thank that man later nor do i know him..

But his mere polite words made my day....
Sometimes there are angels in real life!! Thanks angel!!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Got tagged along!!!

The day s here when I decided to return!! and I have..
Now, from being a nayi naveli blogger to another useless blogger who just could not decide what to write..
I was reading this when I decided to give some work to my dead "creative corner"
to write little known facts about me!!(some of which would have have been realised by me on-the -spot)
1) On-the -spot: I love on-the spot stuff..from writing things(like i am writing this one) to on-the stop contests like pic n act/speak etc etc..
2) I started blogging just because I enjoyed reading these "online-dairies" and can comment on them without being a anonymous writer...
3)I feel like writing blogs when I am tied with 200 things to do and decide to take a break!!
phew!! so much for my "rest-time!!"
4) My brain runs so so fast at times when I think what I should be writing here that these mental debates usually end up resulting into one of the greatest inventions of mankind-ZERO!!
absolutely nothing!!
I guess that should be enough for now..
that was some brushing up... anyway, till the next time..
let there be "world peace!!" ( I love these stereotype answers!!!)

Monday, 18 February 2008 are the flowers...

Arent they beautiful?!!! lilies are yet to bloom!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

something mushy!!

I was just sitting in the train this morning and remembering my ventures on this day..zomming back to my college, high school and primary school days..

Feb 14th
Primary School:
It was a big thing for me! Which kid won’t be excited to get to eat Sheera in the morning(yummy!!) and doodpak(kheer) during supper??
I would just rush off, get ready to school in a hurry,plonk a kiss each on my anama n ajja(Granny n grandpa)'s cheeks, shake hands grandly with my dad, hug my mum and in a chores(with my sis!!) shout "Happy Anniversary!!"
Yup, co-incidentally our bhatmam(family priest! just like you have a family doctor)decided that my grandparents were to be married on feb 14th decades ago and exactly 30 years later again made a(romantic guy eh!!!) decision of my parents wedding date..
resulting in me and my lil sis hogging on twice the amount of goddies on this day!!
In return, I remember making very shabby looking (if u see them now!!) cards and presenting it grandly to them..
And then when I was almost a Teenager..(12 years,13 'running'!!Why cant it be 13 walking or swimming or flying..i dont get it!!)I read about Valentine s story in my favourite magazine 'Gokulam'.I still remember trying to give my parents n the grand ones the "gyan" about valentines and how fortunate they were(???!!) to be married on that day.I was mesmerized by the bhatmam's far-fetched wisdom..probably he knew it that in western countries, they celebrate valentines ..or my crazy imagination went wild as I explained to my parents that he must have had close association to st valentines in some Janam(speak of creativity plus spiritual touch plus humour(SAD???!!)all in one talk given by me!!hah!!
They did the thing they were best at when they always wanted to shut me up without asking me to..
GROWN-UP s huh!!

High School time!!
With all the harmonal"chemical loocha" happening, what could one expect..But NO!!
My bunch would walk to the school and out with a stern look on their face as if any time some lallu -pallu could pounce on us to catch us as "valentine"duh!!who want s a bunch of nerdies???!!!You see though I was an 'above -average' (as my mum put it across to relatives dying to know whether I am better then thier precious daughters..)I used to hang around with a bunch of smart brains..(But most of them are still in touch and I just love them for what they are!!) and was pretty petrified at the thought of any silly boy trying to get my attention..Yikes!!

College days..
It was like some festival..
Totally glamorized..filmy n ouch..stinging at times!!
Not only Valentines but every occasion in the college like Fests n parties were treated in a "valentin"y fashion..
red roses, friendship ribbons(er.. try to get this theorey.. tie one red band:let s be friends..;tie two bands- its something more than that???!!er..I dint get it.. does two red bands signify love??oh!!)
n then there would be dedications of songs(which was kind aa cute) and some rich bloke showing off his gurl to the whole world dedicating the same song over n over again some 10 times..
All s well that ll end well is it??

Feb 14 -25 years after my parents were married(last year)
I almost got married on this date, but unfortunately our horoscopes dint permit us..So aj n me tied knots a week later..

over n out!!I meant..
zooooooom out!!

Today as I was reading,Listening to the radio and thinking(speak of multi-tasking!!)I was smiling (in my mind!!of course.If i smile at myself in a train.. then I am definetly 'out of my mind!!") at the various emotions this dat brought out of me.. As I heard the r.j. s helping ppl ove the radio send 'surprise!!'flowers,choclates and notes..
I thought of my silly dream since my high school days, that every morning on Feb 14th I used to secretly wish that someone would give me a big bunch of red roses..
(Dint matter who then.. it was just the flowers that matter man...)
Smiling at this (this time.. Khule aam..Janta se Samne..)I traced my way to my office, logged onto my system..
11.00 a.m.
Knock on the door!!I dint bother looking up..
n there s this sweet old lady with a small bucket of flowers..reading out "sweadi"(aussie accent!!samjha karo yaar)..
I was like"Whoa...!!!"* smile...*stop!!! *grin.hehe..*(cant stop smiling!!it s like stuck to my lips pulling it apart towards my ears!!)
Will post the pics of my bunch of red roses n lilies(after they bloom I can tell the colour..probably tomorrow)
My wish came true!!plus It s not some "era-gera nattu phera" but aj..would sent me..
*geeee* (A special ‘grinnish’ smile to you darling!!)

Monday, 11 February 2008

the passion....the drive..and the start..

I am person with loads and loads of "starting problem"..

To be more precise I need a 'KICK-start' in most cases if I quote my husband..( now who knows this 'bitter truth' better than aj?he must be having the urge to kick me atleast a dozen times for every "maha"task i ve to do..)

So i need some strong motivation.. stronger than a cup of coffee with 2 spoons of dark-roast coffee powder.. always..

Its not that I am lazy..once I start..I can go-on and on and actually enjoy what I am doing..

Its just I am "starto-phobic"..

So when we got engaged looooooooooooooooooooong back in 2006..(Dont u laugh!! 2006 is not looooooooong it? do u remember what u did at 11.23 a.m.on jan12 th and at 7.30p.m. on may 1 st.2006 .do u? do u??? ha!! )

ok.. back to the point..

One of Aj s endeared request was "revive" my driving skills..

sounds easy eh!!Did I do it?

Beep beep:request denied!!

October 2006 -wedding date fixed..

Beep Beep Beep: driving classes not done..

arey!!I ll do it..

Loadsaa time's there ok..Besides there are more important things..

December arrives..

Nothing done about D.S.



February 2007..

Plonk!!: Mission Impossible.. as I landed here..

The Ultimate question came after I burnt my hands(literally!!) coking and aj had more than one dis-abled,dis-interesting n many more dis's...looking curry in a dish ..

gave me a disgusted look and asked.."well,atleast u can drive.. I hope???!!"


now what?

I tried to explain my "problem" to him..

errrr... tried to..

he dint get it then..

But later on as time went,

he knew and realised..n also figured out the solution..

So I was FORCED(Thats the exact motivation I get now-a-days!!..) to take my learners..

which i cleared with flying colours..all colourful.. (No offence:But any moron/bimbo can CLEAR the learners..all it takes it to mug up a book and give a "kaun banega"type of test...)

and then the long pause..

no signal towards driving again...

My hubby pestered me.. pulled me to his car..but na..

Driving मेरे बस या कार कि बात नही..

अब क्या? जब दिल से मांगो तो कुछ भी मिल जाये॥ "motivation" क्या चीज़ है??

So came into picture two of my favourite ppl in this world!!

Both are very close friends of from my college days(x) and other one I made friends here(y).the only gurl I have among my friends here..(duh!! rest all are boys!!)

now, x learnt driving,snailed her way thru test and aila!!she bought a new car..

thats in one corner of this world..(oh, dont i miss her??)

while the other one(y) got a job faaaaaaaaar away from here,so bought a car and is now settled well with all her courage her car n driving..

बस इतना काफी था..

I made my mind..

n today I took my first driving sessions..

Aila!!that was fun..I Wanna drive...and I have the drive now...

aj खुश हुवा!!

P.s. how did i get this self-realisation about' startophobia'.... simple da..I always have my thinking cap that s something I dont need a 'kick' start for!!! Thats why I just loved him ...

Friday, 8 February 2008

FRIENDS - season 1

No.. No..
I did not mean F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
I am speaking of friends..yours n mine..
these people come across as mere strangers..come closer to you..
Some remain close to you during some course of time in our lives..Some stick around a little more..and some are destined to be friends for a long long time!!
Sometimes I feel,making friends is a life -time process!
Like I remember my grandpa had a few little friends he had made during his last few years of life.They would wave to him,smile,whenever they met him walking down the road and he in turn would chat to them for a short while n then continue walking.I never knew how they were friends,But they were always there somewhere on his way..calling him various names from "vag ajjo"(tiger-grand dad!!haha) to dodda mama(big uncle!) and he having a big laugh n sometimes buying them a lil chocolate or a few groundnuts..
Where as my granny still has her gang of young lads(I call them her 'army'!!)from the neighbourhood and they call out her when they walk by, run errands for her,share their joys n sorrows.Heart-breaks to career,cricket to Indian economy,movies to political scenarios what not are discussed !She gives them goodies at times,scolds them more and every time I go home, her gang seems to be growing and growing!!
And she ll have a few interesting bits to tell me, complaints about some 'useless fellow',praises about some 'good kid'!!
And speaking about Life-long friends and keeping it alive..
My grand parents are live examples..
Anama(that's how I call my Grand ma) have had these 2 other Bapama s(Grand aunt s as we Call them!) as friends all life..One of them G was her classmate till metric(that's 10th std)in Coorg and they used to be in touch with letters,cards(till phone s became a part of our daily lives!).My granny who loves travelling(I think she passed that "travel-o-bug" to me!!) actually went to many places to visit her as her husband kept getting posted to various places in India and saw a fair bit of India when the concept of travel meant only thirat yatras(visiting holy places!) or was only for the rich and the famous!
Just the two of them explored loads of places then around the town where G stayed..
Anama n G were part of each others every mode n chapter of life..children,their education,weddings n their grand ones(us!!:)
During her last days,G was aware that something was wrong(though she dint know she was suffering from some life-taking thing)and my grand ma was informed of it by her family..
N I ll never ever forget that last meeting!
It was so heart-touching,Heart breaking for the rest of us..But when I and her daughter who was there started talking.. I felt that we ll be always linked to each other..even though we seldom met..It was like a light of hope in me.. some solace..
Anama s other friend is S bapama.Now S and anama s pair can do "sabki chutti"(beat anyone!!) with their enthusiasm ..its like 'Age no Bar!" when they both decide to do something together(Sometimes I feel if they decide to climb Mt.Everest,they ll just do it.. who cares if they are in their 70 something!!)umaar hui humari.. woh dono to abhi bhi jawaan hai..(if anyone s grown old, its us, they are still young(at heart!!)
These two have got this whole "family friends"thingy..
They had their spouses be friends..
kids were friends..
now I have her grand daughter as a good friend since my childhood n she s a sweetheart!!
and today we are still in touch with each other(thanks to easy to access e-world we have now)
keeping our inheritance 'friendship' alive!!
as about the two friends anama n S bapama they might be hatching some wonderful to-do-plan now.. to celebrate diamond jubilee of their friendship now..

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bret lee v/s Ishant Sharma..

6.00 A.M.
hit snooze..
6.30 a.m.
Mooove the arse out of the cosy comfy bed..

7.00 a.m.
Moodala maneya....muttina neerina..yaraka va hoyda..(its a famous poem regarding the beauty of sun...)..wait a minute..
from where on earth did my dearest husband get this poem to hum along?
as the voice got stronger and stronger with the wrods going softer(he dint know it really!!)
the wicked me decided to put an end to it..
'will you stop killing the song?'
as usual the song got 'louder'!!
I continued confidently..
'u r literally stabbing the song..
do u even know who wrote it'
(I was mentally doing the victory dance.. ummmahhh!! sweet sweet victory.. early in the morning..
and pat comes the reply "D.R.Bendre(A famous poet who has won jnanapeeth award for his contributuins in kannada literature)
oh my goood!! nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
how come he knew?
I am the one who loves poems.. he loves cars..
No away..
and here s aj giving the victory laugh....(booohh)
and to my misery says in the a cricket commentry ishtyle "and that s a six hit by ishant sharma to bret-lee s attack!!
what a shot!bret-lee looks perplexed..blah blah blah..
Bret-lee will have "her" day soon..
ahem ahem!!

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Mera Pehla Pehla Blog..

It never occured to me that I can transfer the outputs of my 'full speed running internal CPU ' in other words called "my Brain" into this space for the following reasons:

a)To prove to this world(by 'world' I mean people who read this if someone does..)that I can Write too :D

b)To Improve my Writing skills which had got a full stop the day I gave my Thesis report to get printed right back in June 2005..(after I finished my project work) ..

c) If you are already laughing your head off at the above written reasons.. that becomes my third reason to provide 'full-to' 100% tax exempted entertainment..
d)If its not funny..then definitely its targeted for the crowds suffering from insomnia..
try reading my blog s as sleep-time story..& u ll be asleep in no-time..

e)Well... if nothing works.. arey.. dint u read my profile dumbo..