Saturday, 27 September 2008

Flash news:where did what i wrote earlier go?

I wonder where all that I wrote went!!


I hate when this happens..

anyway,I ll be back soon..(If anyone reads this...)

home..... I am coming!

Post blog Note: meri ek choti si cheez kho hayi thi:[I had something small] - my lost blog!!
Found it!! Guess where :In drafts* a self-kick!!
the lost blog put me into so much sadness that I quit writing all the while i was at home!!
Bus itna hi bolna tha..[I had say just this]
read ahead!!

Time: 6.20 AM Singapore time

Place : changi airport

Event: swathy s first ever solo trip by flight!

flash news: she felt she s seen Bhai around!!

where you there? in red/black shirt????!!

by any chance..

or it could be lack of sleep


loads to fil in..

par dhire dhire!!

see you and


Wednesday, 17 September 2008

The Final Count down! - a guest('s )mail

I opened my Gmail at 11.00 AM last morning and started giggling, Not that it was funny, but I have a funny way to respond to the un-expected..
I immediately called the person, and asked if I could blog it down. Just for my records..
So we settled on an agreement that I am allowed to..who wants to be in trouble later, hence I took the precautions..

Time:10.40 AM
Date: 16 th September
Subject:The count down begins!!!

1. Anu's flight "Boeing 777-300" has gone for final inspection. (16/09/08- 18/09/08)
2. It Will start its test flying on 19/09/2008 (extended to 20-21 st )
3. will go for final cleaning and fixing things which they might find during test flying.(22/09/2008- 24/09/2008)
4. Plane will remain in the shed on 25 th and 27 th for engineers to sign n get the approval for the flight to fly on 27/09/08 early morning.

and then the last point..
I am sorry(x-\), but had to interrupt the flow..this was where I was c- struck!
what s C??? find out!and read this in the same tone and speed a commentator would use when a football player s about to hit a goal!!

5. 26/09/08-anu finished the final inspection of bags n then organises her stuffs gets ready to sit in the Multi million $$$ car(?) ,Winner of road safety award 2007 winner of best looks 2004, 2005, 2006,2007, 2008.(??) Winner of best performing car in 2006,2007(???!!!!!huh!)..... n gets in to the car.. n reaches the T****** airport.. n the airport officers gets ready to salute 'THE MAZDA3' (what!!!!!)
n then she leaves to india on 27 th early morning.

Thanks and Regards, (???!!! for what!eh?)
Ajay (now you know who wrote this!!)

All this is cause I am going "home"-my home in another whatever days!!
and hence this mail!!

huh!men!! car ,plane- look how much details they know!
All I know is the officers dint salute me!! :(
no wonder "men are from mars" !!!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Wish -Fairy

My granny always says" never curse or speak the forbidden,there are angels all around you who just waits to say "tatastu(meaning "wish granted!")" and bham! what u said might come true!"

Though this was mainly told to us for the following reasons :a) to never think any ill of anyone/anything.

b) to bring in that "be-positive" attitude in us (I still remember avoiding the thought /fear of low marks in maths, In case "wish-fairy"heard it!! and ultimately learnt to face the situation,not fear it..)

But now,I really really wish ...that "wish fairy"is staring hard into the screen to read what I am writing just to say "Tatastu"

(Warning:this is apart from the usual do good to all and keep everyone happy wish,all right!cause I ask for it every moment I think about it..My list is about what I would ask if I had to be specific right now..without any attachments/situation s created!On-The-Spot!!)

Dear wish fairy(:D )

This are my few wishes I want to do/have granted:

1)I want to study further and do my masters.Of course,In relation to my own field, but subjects not yet decided!!(why???- read point 2)

2)I want to teach in architecture school at some point of my life-part time,casual,full time,anything!

But wanna teach and I am greatly inspired to do this by one of my lecturers in Graduation who had told -the fulfillment of any profession is only when u teach/impart yourknowledge to someone else.

Now to teach Architecture,Masters is mandatory(read point 1-if forgotten) which is an added bonus so I can aim at 2 things..learn, and later teach.

3)I wanna learn "normal-simple"swimming,the process of which has started hundred thousand years ago(ok,ok,I plunged into pool around 6 years ago, last time being 3 years ago..)and want to swim without having "have to breath" as an incentive :\ when I cover the breadth of the pool!(for people who don't know,I hold my breath and swim, I still have not learnt to bob my head up while swimming to breath)

4) I want to visit at least 7 countries before I die.(now don't count the transit at singapore/bankok/Kaulalampur..ok..Its counted only if I enter,visit, see and learn something..)

of course,since I am here, Still 6 more to go..

5)I wanna learn some dance.. not the Bhingri(mad dance) but something more organised one..

I have no major choice in this..for now anything simple(graceful) dance form existing on the earth s face(read as easily around me)will do..

bus!ab keliye it na hi..[that s all for now]

Did I just hear "TATASTU"???!?!!

Okay,now u have read this..(no way,U r trapped, U cant run away.closing eyes/this page.. wont help too!!.)wish fairy wants 5 more wishes from you in your blog!![on the spot]

She s ok if you don't have a blog, just write it in the comments for this post..

with this Tag..

me off..


P.S:Thanks for the wish fairy images I got through google s so pretty. :)

Monday, 8 September 2008


You should know you are going to be down with this weird” fever when you refuse to take off your scarf and coat the whole day ; Even though you break into a thin sweat at the end of this... (In spite of all your colleagues sitting with heaters off; looking out of the window and enjoying the beautiful spring skies and the pleasant climate and probably sneering at your pathetic state.) :(

And your should know that you may be down with “this weird” fever when even the most noisiest of songs like for instance.. Some re-visited, re-vitalized [?!!] and many more re s kind of re-mix song blaring from your IPod just makes you YAWN to glory!![Hmmmmmm] :O

And you can be double assured you have no chance of escaping the wrath of this terrible fever If you are just trying to clean up your desk during which you neatly pile up 2 sets of look-alike documents into one set only to realize it should have been left in its earlier 2 set state and automatically the tiny voice in your head goes “OH, Control –Z” * :\

Sheesh! And to think it aloud!![Double sheesh!!]...what was I thinking? Is it some sort of spell or something to be uttered khule am, public ke samne... well done s done.. what can be done?
Hmmmmm... All thanks to my weekly occurring... “I-Hate-Mondays " fever!!

*control z is the undo command

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Right Direction or is it the Left direction?

I am sitting here self tagging myself:being pretty new to blogging world..I ve read many of them tagging each other..In fact. Bhai had tagged once and I had come up with this in less than 10 minutes after reading..Courtesy:Point 1 .
Well, these are 2 extremely Quirky Facts about me:
1) Directions:I ve this wonderful/weird sense of direction. Take me anywhere, even into the biggest maze of all..I ll take you back to where we started from without fail,majority of times..Most of the times its an instinct or some sort of “another personality”which seems to do the work right..
There has been times when I visit a friend in her home city where she s lived all her life with me visiting for the 1 st time and and I end up safely escort ourselves out of the busy shopping area onto an auto/bus to reach her home.
I know we are (or supposed to be) good at reading maps in the field I am currently in..But I was(am) like this since I remember..All my life..
Read the next point and you ll know Why I wrote this lamba-chauda essay like thingie..
2) While this whole finding right road/track s going on..never ever ask me Left or right!! Cause till then I ll be the blessed one,the leader, the one with directions(blah,blah,blah..) and you ll suddenly find an extremely confused me looking like I ve been stunned by some stuttering spell or probably hit with a “tongue tying”jinx… Cause I ll be looking at both my hands..shaking my head and well.. “to cut the long story short”it takes me a minimum of 10 seconds to figure out which is left and which is right.. I always direct auto drivers with a poke on their back when they have to turn left or right.. I don’t ever utter the “l/r”word while I am directing Ajay as well on the Melbourne roads.He is in fact well trained himself to look (from the corner of his eyes)at my hands waving frantically in air towards the direction he has to turn.
Isn't this weird, that I am these 2 extreme qualities which juxtapose each other??!!!
U tell me If you have any such anti-to-each-other-qualities..
But I am seriously tagging Rakesh/ avin.. (please ah!! Kuch likna..)

Wednesday, 3 September 2008