Monday, 18 February 2008 are the flowers...

Arent they beautiful?!!! lilies are yet to bloom!!

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

something mushy!!

I was just sitting in the train this morning and remembering my ventures on this day..zomming back to my college, high school and primary school days..

Feb 14th
Primary School:
It was a big thing for me! Which kid won’t be excited to get to eat Sheera in the morning(yummy!!) and doodpak(kheer) during supper??
I would just rush off, get ready to school in a hurry,plonk a kiss each on my anama n ajja(Granny n grandpa)'s cheeks, shake hands grandly with my dad, hug my mum and in a chores(with my sis!!) shout "Happy Anniversary!!"
Yup, co-incidentally our bhatmam(family priest! just like you have a family doctor)decided that my grandparents were to be married on feb 14th decades ago and exactly 30 years later again made a(romantic guy eh!!!) decision of my parents wedding date..
resulting in me and my lil sis hogging on twice the amount of goddies on this day!!
In return, I remember making very shabby looking (if u see them now!!) cards and presenting it grandly to them..
And then when I was almost a Teenager..(12 years,13 'running'!!Why cant it be 13 walking or swimming or flying..i dont get it!!)I read about Valentine s story in my favourite magazine 'Gokulam'.I still remember trying to give my parents n the grand ones the "gyan" about valentines and how fortunate they were(???!!) to be married on that day.I was mesmerized by the bhatmam's far-fetched wisdom..probably he knew it that in western countries, they celebrate valentines ..or my crazy imagination went wild as I explained to my parents that he must have had close association to st valentines in some Janam(speak of creativity plus spiritual touch plus humour(SAD???!!)all in one talk given by me!!hah!!
They did the thing they were best at when they always wanted to shut me up without asking me to..
GROWN-UP s huh!!

High School time!!
With all the harmonal"chemical loocha" happening, what could one expect..But NO!!
My bunch would walk to the school and out with a stern look on their face as if any time some lallu -pallu could pounce on us to catch us as "valentine"duh!!who want s a bunch of nerdies???!!!You see though I was an 'above -average' (as my mum put it across to relatives dying to know whether I am better then thier precious daughters..)I used to hang around with a bunch of smart brains..(But most of them are still in touch and I just love them for what they are!!) and was pretty petrified at the thought of any silly boy trying to get my attention..Yikes!!

College days..
It was like some festival..
Totally glamorized..filmy n ouch..stinging at times!!
Not only Valentines but every occasion in the college like Fests n parties were treated in a "valentin"y fashion..
red roses, friendship ribbons(er.. try to get this theorey.. tie one red band:let s be friends..;tie two bands- its something more than that???!!er..I dint get it.. does two red bands signify love??oh!!)
n then there would be dedications of songs(which was kind aa cute) and some rich bloke showing off his gurl to the whole world dedicating the same song over n over again some 10 times..
All s well that ll end well is it??

Feb 14 -25 years after my parents were married(last year)
I almost got married on this date, but unfortunately our horoscopes dint permit us..So aj n me tied knots a week later..

over n out!!I meant..
zooooooom out!!

Today as I was reading,Listening to the radio and thinking(speak of multi-tasking!!)I was smiling (in my mind!!of course.If i smile at myself in a train.. then I am definetly 'out of my mind!!") at the various emotions this dat brought out of me.. As I heard the r.j. s helping ppl ove the radio send 'surprise!!'flowers,choclates and notes..
I thought of my silly dream since my high school days, that every morning on Feb 14th I used to secretly wish that someone would give me a big bunch of red roses..
(Dint matter who then.. it was just the flowers that matter man...)
Smiling at this (this time.. Khule aam..Janta se Samne..)I traced my way to my office, logged onto my system..
11.00 a.m.
Knock on the door!!I dint bother looking up..
n there s this sweet old lady with a small bucket of flowers..reading out "sweadi"(aussie accent!!samjha karo yaar)..
I was like"Whoa...!!!"* smile...*stop!!! *grin.hehe..*(cant stop smiling!!it s like stuck to my lips pulling it apart towards my ears!!)
Will post the pics of my bunch of red roses n lilies(after they bloom I can tell the colour..probably tomorrow)
My wish came true!!plus It s not some "era-gera nattu phera" but aj..would sent me..
*geeee* (A special ‘grinnish’ smile to you darling!!)

Monday, 11 February 2008

the passion....the drive..and the start..

I am person with loads and loads of "starting problem"..

To be more precise I need a 'KICK-start' in most cases if I quote my husband..( now who knows this 'bitter truth' better than aj?he must be having the urge to kick me atleast a dozen times for every "maha"task i ve to do..)

So i need some strong motivation.. stronger than a cup of coffee with 2 spoons of dark-roast coffee powder.. always..

Its not that I am lazy..once I start..I can go-on and on and actually enjoy what I am doing..

Its just I am "starto-phobic"..

So when we got engaged looooooooooooooooooooong back in 2006..(Dont u laugh!! 2006 is not looooooooong it? do u remember what u did at 11.23 a.m.on jan12 th and at 7.30p.m. on may 1 st.2006 .do u? do u??? ha!! )

ok.. back to the point..

One of Aj s endeared request was "revive" my driving skills..

sounds easy eh!!Did I do it?

Beep beep:request denied!!

October 2006 -wedding date fixed..

Beep Beep Beep: driving classes not done..

arey!!I ll do it..

Loadsaa time's there ok..Besides there are more important things..

December arrives..

Nothing done about D.S.



February 2007..

Plonk!!: Mission Impossible.. as I landed here..

The Ultimate question came after I burnt my hands(literally!!) coking and aj had more than one dis-abled,dis-interesting n many more dis's...looking curry in a dish ..

gave me a disgusted look and asked.."well,atleast u can drive.. I hope???!!"


now what?

I tried to explain my "problem" to him..

errrr... tried to..

he dint get it then..

But later on as time went,

he knew and realised..n also figured out the solution..

So I was FORCED(Thats the exact motivation I get now-a-days!!..) to take my learners..

which i cleared with flying colours..all colourful.. (No offence:But any moron/bimbo can CLEAR the learners..all it takes it to mug up a book and give a "kaun banega"type of test...)

and then the long pause..

no signal towards driving again...

My hubby pestered me.. pulled me to his car..but na..

Driving मेरे बस या कार कि बात नही..

अब क्या? जब दिल से मांगो तो कुछ भी मिल जाये॥ "motivation" क्या चीज़ है??

So came into picture two of my favourite ppl in this world!!

Both are very close friends of from my college days(x) and other one I made friends here(y).the only gurl I have among my friends here..(duh!! rest all are boys!!)

now, x learnt driving,snailed her way thru test and aila!!she bought a new car..

thats in one corner of this world..(oh, dont i miss her??)

while the other one(y) got a job faaaaaaaaar away from here,so bought a car and is now settled well with all her courage her car n driving..

बस इतना काफी था..

I made my mind..

n today I took my first driving sessions..

Aila!!that was fun..I Wanna drive...and I have the drive now...

aj खुश हुवा!!

P.s. how did i get this self-realisation about' startophobia'.... simple da..I always have my thinking cap that s something I dont need a 'kick' start for!!! Thats why I just loved him ...

Friday, 8 February 2008

FRIENDS - season 1

No.. No..
I did not mean F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
I am speaking of friends..yours n mine..
these people come across as mere strangers..come closer to you..
Some remain close to you during some course of time in our lives..Some stick around a little more..and some are destined to be friends for a long long time!!
Sometimes I feel,making friends is a life -time process!
Like I remember my grandpa had a few little friends he had made during his last few years of life.They would wave to him,smile,whenever they met him walking down the road and he in turn would chat to them for a short while n then continue walking.I never knew how they were friends,But they were always there somewhere on his way..calling him various names from "vag ajjo"(tiger-grand dad!!haha) to dodda mama(big uncle!) and he having a big laugh n sometimes buying them a lil chocolate or a few groundnuts..
Where as my granny still has her gang of young lads(I call them her 'army'!!)from the neighbourhood and they call out her when they walk by, run errands for her,share their joys n sorrows.Heart-breaks to career,cricket to Indian economy,movies to political scenarios what not are discussed !She gives them goodies at times,scolds them more and every time I go home, her gang seems to be growing and growing!!
And she ll have a few interesting bits to tell me, complaints about some 'useless fellow',praises about some 'good kid'!!
And speaking about Life-long friends and keeping it alive..
My grand parents are live examples..
Anama(that's how I call my Grand ma) have had these 2 other Bapama s(Grand aunt s as we Call them!) as friends all life..One of them G was her classmate till metric(that's 10th std)in Coorg and they used to be in touch with letters,cards(till phone s became a part of our daily lives!).My granny who loves travelling(I think she passed that "travel-o-bug" to me!!) actually went to many places to visit her as her husband kept getting posted to various places in India and saw a fair bit of India when the concept of travel meant only thirat yatras(visiting holy places!) or was only for the rich and the famous!
Just the two of them explored loads of places then around the town where G stayed..
Anama n G were part of each others every mode n chapter of life..children,their education,weddings n their grand ones(us!!:)
During her last days,G was aware that something was wrong(though she dint know she was suffering from some life-taking thing)and my grand ma was informed of it by her family..
N I ll never ever forget that last meeting!
It was so heart-touching,Heart breaking for the rest of us..But when I and her daughter who was there started talking.. I felt that we ll be always linked to each other..even though we seldom met..It was like a light of hope in me.. some solace..
Anama s other friend is S bapama.Now S and anama s pair can do "sabki chutti"(beat anyone!!) with their enthusiasm ..its like 'Age no Bar!" when they both decide to do something together(Sometimes I feel if they decide to climb Mt.Everest,they ll just do it.. who cares if they are in their 70 something!!)umaar hui humari.. woh dono to abhi bhi jawaan hai..(if anyone s grown old, its us, they are still young(at heart!!)
These two have got this whole "family friends"thingy..
They had their spouses be friends..
kids were friends..
now I have her grand daughter as a good friend since my childhood n she s a sweetheart!!
and today we are still in touch with each other(thanks to easy to access e-world we have now)
keeping our inheritance 'friendship' alive!!
as about the two friends anama n S bapama they might be hatching some wonderful to-do-plan now.. to celebrate diamond jubilee of their friendship now..

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Bret lee v/s Ishant Sharma..

6.00 A.M.
hit snooze..
6.30 a.m.
Mooove the arse out of the cosy comfy bed..

7.00 a.m.
Moodala maneya....muttina neerina..yaraka va hoyda..(its a famous poem regarding the beauty of sun...)..wait a minute..
from where on earth did my dearest husband get this poem to hum along?
as the voice got stronger and stronger with the wrods going softer(he dint know it really!!)
the wicked me decided to put an end to it..
'will you stop killing the song?'
as usual the song got 'louder'!!
I continued confidently..
'u r literally stabbing the song..
do u even know who wrote it'
(I was mentally doing the victory dance.. ummmahhh!! sweet sweet victory.. early in the morning..
and pat comes the reply "D.R.Bendre(A famous poet who has won jnanapeeth award for his contributuins in kannada literature)
oh my goood!! nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!
how come he knew?
I am the one who loves poems.. he loves cars..
No away..
and here s aj giving the victory laugh....(booohh)
and to my misery says in the a cricket commentry ishtyle "and that s a six hit by ishant sharma to bret-lee s attack!!
what a shot!bret-lee looks perplexed..blah blah blah..
Bret-lee will have "her" day soon..
ahem ahem!!