Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Mera Pehla Pehla Blog..

It never occured to me that I can transfer the outputs of my 'full speed running internal CPU ' in other words called "my Brain" into this space for the following reasons:

a)To prove to this world(by 'world' I mean people who read this if someone does..)that I can Write too :D

b)To Improve my Writing skills which had got a full stop the day I gave my Thesis report to get printed right back in June 2005..(after I finished my project work) ..

c) If you are already laughing your head off at the above written reasons.. that becomes my third reason to write..to provide 'full-to' 100% tax exempted entertainment..
d)If its not funny..then definitely its targeted for the crowds suffering from insomnia..
try reading my blog s as sleep-time story..& u ll be asleep in no-time..

e)Well... if nothing works.. arey.. dint u read my profile dumbo..