Wednesday, 7 April 2010

The Sinful act

A letter to most visiting- least bothered to leave a comment-kind-of-people
Dear you- yes you!!
you are the one who is so regular to my blog, reading it almost everyday, at least checking for updates if not reading these posts..
how do you feel if I knock at your door every morning at 3.00(if you generally wake up at 7.00) ring the bell and run off without even telling a hi to the sleep head(read 'you')opening the door .. not a very appealing thought, isn't it?
now that s exactly how I feel.
you are more worse than that anonymous writer who at least pokes me at times hard on my ribs(hypothetically, ouch!!)and wakes me up!
even though,it is sheer torture, trust me, makes me feel special with some attention.

So with due respects to my lovely blog friends, past & present.. who ve been with me almost as much as Aj- my bitter better half through thick n thin.. I hereby do the most sinful act Ive done so far.
give away my dear blog, thus stop more posts here..
Thanks you guys, for being there!
as for YOU, the unknown stalker...
a big fat rosy red raspberry!!


Swaram said...

Ayyo what is this? Fooling us in April is it? Say yes pls :( :(

Swathy said...

and that is half the april fool..
rest half.. u just wait n watch..

Swaram said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Vittaldas Prabhu said...

Hahahahaha! I can only laugh. I know a sweet little girl like you wouldn't do such a sinful act and hurt us all. I am sorry was "little" very offensive? OK, you are big girl! ;-)

I hope this post is an indication that you are back to blogging. :-D

Preeti Shenoy said...


Yes .A true blue blogger would surely relate to this post.Lurkers are a bit annoying but at least you have readers :)


Sucheta said...

way to come up front!
this is the first time i visited your blog. good one!

Swathy said...

@ v : haha.. little makes it sound better, after crossing a quarter century , now little is hardly heard..:(
thanks.. and yes, check ur comment section/ my e-mail..
for the latest news..

@ di: hmmmmm....

@sucheta: thanks for visitng..
will be visting u too soon. :)

Chhaya said...


even i have such Stalkers! seriously!!!!!

some check my blog 3-4 times everyday (as if waiting for it to grow leaves or bear fruits) but will never bother to comment!!

Chhaya said...

PS: sorry for being late in blogrolling u !!

PS2: i have 2 Hs in my name :P

Chhaya ;)

Live2cherish said...

come back please, i just dropped in your blog and what do i read?
You have a new follower, come back!!!